A Modern Legend- Page One Hundred Nine

“The chief shaman?” Cerys asked. “What does he know about our quest?”

“He is a wise man,” Nashtra explained. “We all trust him.”

“I am sending out a group ahead of you,” Ennestral told the party. “They shall clear the way and ensure that all is safe. Should anything be amiss, they will deliver a message to my grandson’s great-nephew. After you leave tomorrow morning, another group shall be sent out to guard you from behind. I wish only that I could send the entire entourage with you, but I know that you must travel as messengers and safeguard that position.”

“Tomorrow morning?!” Peter asked. “Elder, can we really stay here for so long? You said yourself that you know how important it is that our message gets to the king quickly.”

Nashtra shared a glance with Cerys, and then looked back to her brother. “Be calm, Peter. We have no intention of wasting time.”

“The day is not so late,” Peter complained. “We should continue riding until nightfall.”

“Be careful, Peter,” Cerys teased him, “or they are going to think that you actually care.”

“I see the misunderstanding here.” Nashtra said. “The fact is, you simply do not know the scope and size of Vathalloin. Our forest covers a great deal of plan, young adventurer. We may of course continue through to the northern side, but once we arrive,the sun will have already long ago set. Have faith that we shall not tarry at all.”

Peter gave him an incredulous look. “Is it really all that big?”

“I wonder if you have ever seen a forest as big as ours,” Nashtra replied. It is like a blanket upon the earth.”

Peter scoffed. “I bet Earth used to have a lot of giant forests,” He said, speaking with terrible disdain. “Lately what little we have left is falling because of companies who see deforestation as for profitable than sustainability.”

“That word you use,” Nashtra said, “I am not familiar with it. It sounds terrible though, the way you say it?”

“Deforestation?” Peter asked. “It’s just about as evil as things get on Earth. It means cutting down forests.”

A gasp could be heard from both of the elves. Nashtra looked around and seemed to be relieved that nobody else could hear them.

About Legends of Lorata

Eleanor Willow is the author of the high fantasy series Legends of Lorata, which takes place on a medieval-style world filled with elves, dragons, and faeries. There is also a fourth race, one that is rare and magical: the angelic Starr. Lorata is a distant planet watched over by four deities: good, evil, elemental, and celestial-- and there are plenty of legends about them all! One of the most important ones is the prophecy of Jenh's champion, Loracaz, who is promised to return to the realm whenever evil threatens to take hold. There are currently three books completed, and the first one can be read online. Book four is currently being written, and a fifth will most likely be in the future.
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