About Legends of Lorata

Lorata is a world filled with magic. The elves, dragons and fae who live there contend with the four alignments: elemental, darkness, light and celestial, as well and the sorcerers who combine all of them together. Journey across two known major continents to learn of the heroes and legends of this fantasy world. These are tales to endure all time; tales of those who walk the darkness, those who defend the light, heroes who stand for all that is good and those who would bring the world to its knees. There is great love and powerful magic to be found here, journeys that take the reader far and wide, and, just maybe, empower their own lives with a sense of mystery and power.

The Series

Book One: The Champion of the Goddess

Loracaz II, a descendent of the great hero of long ago, is crowned prince of Onsira on his twentieth birthday.  The kingdom, however, is not in full celebration, for the prince’s father, Emperor Z’Lé, is up to something strange.  He has turned tyrannical in the past few years, and the kingdom is suffering for it, most of all because of the dark evil that seems to be seeping into the land.  The empress, meanwhile, worries about the fate of her people, and whether she chose the right man all those years ago, and sends for an old friend to help her and her son find the answers to what is happening to the kingdom before Z’Lé’s actions doom Onsira to transforming into the domain of the god of shadows and suffering.

Mearrk’hal, an old woodland shaman, journeys across the continent with a bard named Vincente and a sorcerer known as Vénes to aide the empress of the troubled kingdom.  Why is the emperor so insistent that elves and dragon reconcile their differences and unite?  What good does bringing the four temples, elemental and celestial, evil and good, together in Onsira do for the kingdom of legend?  Follow the adventures of these slomn heroes to find out.

Book Two: Traipsing the Light and Shadows

In the aftermath left behind by the events of book one, Zarrek, the younger brother of Prince Loracaz II, must find his own way through life.  While dealing with his own angst, he finds a friend in the old shaman, and travels with him to the ashes of Mearrk’hal’s forest, Shyal’In.  It had burned down over forty years ago, and not a single blade of grass had regrown there, despite all of the shaman’s efforts.  At long last, after spending fours decades separated from his people by the veil of death, he is ready to take the steps necessary for a new forest to grow.

Meanwhile, Sorcerer Vénes goes on an expedition of his own, joined by his new beloved in an effort to reunite with his own people in the great desert.  Even Vincente is learning new things about himself, facts that could change the course of both his life and his heart.  This is the story of Zarrek’s coming of age, his feelings of what is going on around him and his reactions to the people he met when his mother cried out for help.  He is his father’s son, and as such is close to death and the dark arts, yet he holds his principles close to his heart.  Can he reconcile his emotions and sort through his pain to earn the right to one day ascend the throne, or will his mother stop him at every turn from having his heart’s desire?

Book Three: The Misty Shores of Cioria

Years after coming to the new kingdom and learning what is going on there, Zarrek’s plan is ready.  Unable to watch the Ciorian people suffer anymore, he takes the throne for himself, and puts in place a new charter for the seaside kingdom.  For years, he toils to restore Cioria to its age-old glory, and relishes the power that he has longed for for so long.  His sons, Loracaz III and Joshua, become well-respected princes, and peace abounds for years.  It is not to last, however, for one member of the royal family that he had that had been eradicated turns out to not have met the dire fate long considered fact.

When the former prince returns to Cioria to re-claim his throne, claiming that he knows Zarrek’s secrets, the kingdom goes into an uproar.  The people are divided between welcoming back the one with the blood that has ruled for centuries, and supporting the more competent King Zarrek.  Amidst the chaos of the rebellion, Loracaz III experiences a tragedy that changes him down to his core, turning him into a blood-thirsty despot set on ensuring that his father remains in power.  He has two goals in life: smiting all rebels who refuse to kneel to him and swear fealty to King Zarrek, and killing Samuel, the would-be returner.  While he brother deals with his own demons, Joshua discovers a secret that will change the course of the rebellion, and not to his father’s advantage, threatening to break apart the family that Zarrek had done everything to protect.

Book Four: The Distant Isles of the Dark Seas

His body fraught with unbearable pain, Zarrek is taken to Kriilani by his beloved and his elder son.  Loracaz III hates leaving behind his obligations on Cioria’s Dragon Valley, but he knows that his father needs him if he is to survive the turmoil racking his body.  In Kriilani, they learn of an island inhabited by dragons, but ruled by nobody, a desolate place that may not support life for much longer.  Desperate for a chance to have a seat of power once again, and knowing that he is not welcome to stay in Kriilani for very long, Zarrek takes a boat to the dismal island to learn what he can do in order to help the dragons and the few elves who live there.

Years later, Prince Loracaz III learns that his niece is heading a scientific project not much further out at sea than the Dragon Isles.  Focusing on advancing Lorata’s technology, the young princess, Allanah II, works with a team of the best scientists to be found on Mraté.  Their fates intertwine as one day, everything in her city goes wrong, and Loracaz III finds himself, rather than being killed in the blast, transported to a realm where he learns that he, too, must rise up against evil in order to preserve the planet Lorata.

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