The Princess of the Kingdom of Legend

The Princess of the Kingdom of Legend is a serial novel that I began as a way to publish my writing online without giving away book one of my Legends of Lorata series.  My serial novel takes place before book one; in fact, its beginning is the most ancient history that Lorata has to offer.

Since I work during the week, I have moved my days for this story to the weekends.  During the week, I will be doing writing challenges and daily prompts, as I am able to relate them to my novels and myself as a fantasy writer.  I will post part of a chapter for The Princess of the Kingdom of Legend on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

This is an interesting format for me.  I have been writing for years, but none of it was ever shared, because it wasn’t finished.  I am still making sure that Book One: The Champion of the Goddess is just right.  I even gave it this new name.  Book Two: Traipsing Light and Shadow is also complete.  In between writing on WordPress, I will also be editing books one and two, as well as as working on book three and some other stories.  Feel free to keep in touch with me; I would love to hear from my readers and fellow fantasy enthusiasts!


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