My Gothic Boyfriend XXVIII

This chapter is NSFW with graphic adult content.

The sun set while we were on our way back. Justin got permission to open the curtains and was fascinated by the world he saw outside. There were vast forests and rolling hills, and little lights that could have been fireflies as easily as they could have been faeries. As we got further, Grandfather said that some of what Justin had thought were wolves were actually werewolves.

There weren’t a lot of villages on the road we took between the healing spring and Castle Thorne. Grandfather preferred both privacy and solitude, and chose his company carefully. It was mostly because many people didn’t like his kind even in that world, and there were even those who blamed him for some of the bad things that had happened in the old legends. It hadn’t been my grandfather, and I didn’t like seeing him suffer just because someone else of his kind might have done something wrong. it wasn’t even confirmed who had actually done it, or exactly what it happened. I just knew that Tiernan, the one buried in that cairn back on the mountain, had been very important to this world, and his death had nearly torn it apart.

When we passed through the village closest to Grandfather’s castle, I was worried that Justin would start to ask questions. That village served my grandfather, treated him as their lord, and were close allies. There were actually quite a few people living there who were creatures of the shadows, and even those born of the light were friendly towards the darker ones. The problem was, I didn’t want Justin to think too much of the coincidence that the village was called Rosenthal.

Thankfully, my grandfather was also keen enough to know that he shouldn’t bring it up, and Justin was quite content to listen to what Grandfather did tell him about the village. It helped that he was also very focused on getting to see an actual castle.

Justin was excited by every part of Castle Thorne he was shown. He loved the gothic-style entry hall, the pointed spires, the dark-colored bricks. He loved the silver candelabras, the tapestries, the marble statues. As much as he should have been exhausted, the healing spring had done a lot to help him feel better, so instead of taking him up to bed, I showed him to the dining hall. Justin was treated to a dinner with many courses, something that even I would have had to work hard to treat him to back on Earth. There were a few things a little too refined for his taste, but he was nice enough to try them, even if he didn’t finish the dish. He would have been perfectly happy with something simple like spaghetti and meatballs or cheese pizza, but he was really excited when the main course came out with tender, rare steaks and roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlicky green beans.

Justin learned that in Tierney Ríocht, vampires could eat, and they got a little nutrition from it, but they couldn’t get everything that they needed from food. In fact, they didn’t need to eat at all if they could get enough blood. Grandfather kept his staff well-fed, but didn’t go too far with extravagance. He himself did not eat much, and he restrained himself when it came to blood. He was a lot more powerful when he was full, but he saved those times for when he truly needed to be. It wasn’t that he starved himself, either; he kept himself satisfied enough. and as a result, his body was strong yet lean.

After dinner– which ended with rich chocolate cake that Justin devoured– we let Grandfather retire to his room to read and relax, and I showed Justin my own quarters. My rooms were in one of the upper towers that branched off from the castle, meaning that I eventually had to carry him up the stairs.

“You’ll get stronger the more you come to visit,” I assured him. “And the more you eat! Eventually, the stairs won’t be a challenge for you at all.”

“The more we… Woah, Blackthorne, you mean this won’t be the only time I get to come here?”

“I hope it isn’t!” I told him as we got to the top of the last staircase. “Little Moon, you’ve been welcomed here by a powerful vampire lord; I can’t promise to come as often as you might want, but I’d love for you to come here with me again.”

He grinned at me and kissed my cheek before letting me set him down. Then I took his hand and opened the wide double-doors that led to my rooms. He was amazed by the centuries-old furniture and the marble-framed fireplace. I’d say he saw my own personal style in a lot of the décor of the room. There was plenty of seating around the hearth, as well as a modest dining area, several bookshelves, and a balcony that looked out over the ocean far below the cliff that the hill ended in.

Then I showed him upstairs to my bedroom–our bedroom, now. Another fireplace, a wide, aged desk, a second balcony with a different view, and his favorite part: the massive four-poster bed with brocade curtains made if black silk and stitched with red and silver thread. he let his body fall onto it and made happy, pleasure sounds as he sank into the plush comforter.

“Am I ever going to get you out of that bed?” I laughed as I pulled off my boots and set them near the fireplace. The servants had already been up to start a fire and light some candles for us, so all I had to do was keep it fed.

“Never,” he moaned happily. “Just tell my mom I’m sleeping at your place again. And again. And again…”

“That often?” I smirked. I would have been taking off my jewelry then, but Justin like when I kept it on, so I did.

I sat on the edge of my bed and started unbuttoning my shirt. Justin came up behind me and reached his hand around my torso to help.

“Blackthorne, I think I’d stay here always if I could.”

I turned to meet his eyes. “You hardly know this place.”

“I want to, though.”

The look of hope in his eyes when he said that was so beautiful; I might even say that it was enthralling. I knew how much life on Earth had hurt him. The disappointments, the arguments, the bullying… and even though he had friends who looked after him, and his mother made an effort to keep up with maintaining their assistance programs, knowing that his life was one struggle after another really wore him down. I realized then that bringing him to Tierney Ríocht did more than let us heal his body. This was a world that would foster his sense of wonder, his love of magic and stories. This world would give him the hope he needed in order to survive.

“Well then,” I said, giving him a warm smile, “I’ll have to bring you here often.”

He nodded eagerly, grinning from ear to ear. He pulled my silk shirt off of me and all but pouted when he saw that I had an undershirt on. “Why are you wearing so many layers?” he whined.

I chuckled and took his fingers to kiss them. “You know why, Little Moon.” I turned around and feathered my fingers through his hair. “I haven’t seen you with this much energy in a very long time.”

“I think it was that magic water,” he half-whispered.

“Oh, was it?” I teased. “Not the big dinner? Not the carriage ride to a big, dark castle?”

Justin blushed and looked away a little. I laid him down and knelt over him. “You’re so excitable tonight.”

“Yeah well…” His voice shook a little. “I just found out my boyfriend is– what, one-third vampire?”

“One-fourth,” I replied, “but close enough. What am I going to have to do to get you to sleep?”

Justin’s hands pulled me closer and massaged my shoulders lightly. “Hmmm… maybe if you make love to me, that will help get me tired.”

It was endearing how red he got when he asked for it. Even though we made love often now that his health was better, he was still shy about being the one to initiate. He was used to being submissive to his partner; he was almost always eager for sex, just not asking for it. There ere also the unspoken requests, the hints and signals that he was more used to. I liked him offering himself to me, but I also planned on helping him become less shy about making requests.

“Oh, you think so?” I leaned in to kiss his neck. “Will my little prince go to sleep after I make him cum?”

He laughed softly at that. “You know I always do.”

“Even tonight?” I started unbuttoning the shirt we’d given him, something white with a tall collar with long points and plenty of ruffles. He’d been a bit reluctant to put it on, but there wasn’t much else that was small enough for him, and I think there was a certain amount of anticipation about taking it off later lurking in the back of his mind.

He laughed when my fingers brushed over his skin. I leaned in. Our lips met, and his playfulness melted into desire. One of his hands played in my hair, and the other wrapped around my back and pulled me closer. When I straddled his hips, he rose up enough to let me feel how hard he already was. He moaned softly as I pressed back.

“Oh wow… you’re already so big.”

“I’m getting there,” I chuckled, and went back to kissing him and working on his buttons.

Justin hurried down the buttons on his dark blue vest, then untied the laces that fastened is pants. He sighed in relief as soon as his dick was free and exposed to the cool air.

“You’re so eager tonight.”

“Yeah,” he said. “This place is amazing. I never thought I’d get to make love in a bed like this… or in a castle, or…”

“Or to a man with vampiric ancestry?” I finished for him when he became too distracted with sighing as he stroked himself. He nodded drunkenly. Now that I had all of his buttons undone, I pushed aside the cloth and ran my hands across the swath of smooth, creamy skin that was revealed. He gasped as my thumbs played with his nipples. “You’re so beautiful, Little Moon,” I breathed.

“You say that like you’ve only just noticed.” His words were interspersed with breathy little moans.

“The sight of you always takes my breath away, but now… I’d put you in front of a mirror just to show you, but I know you don’t really like that. But that’s not all. The spring made it so that even your old scars are hardly there anymore. It’s like you’ve been transformed.”

“Really? Maybe you should–”

“That’s not what the spring is for,” I told him, knowing that he meant I should consider soaking my own scars in the healing spring. “We took you there to save your life, Little Moon. My scars are just reminders of the past… of what I survived.”

“I’m sorry you suffered like that. Wait– it was that bad; I could have died?!”

“Ssshhh… you’re okay now,” I soothed, caressing his head. “It was either the spring, or months in the hospital. I couldn’t let you go back there, or live in pain, or…” I stopped and shook my head. “You’ve suffered enough for a lifetime– for ten lifetimes. It’s up to me to protect you and keep you happy, and I’m not about to let you down.”

“Okay. You know what would make me happy right now?”

“Tell me.”

He gave me a lascivious grin. “I wanna take your dick out of your pants and have it fed to me.”

“You can have anything you want, baby,” I grinned back.

I peeled off the soft white undershirt and tossed it aside while he worked at unbuttoning my pants. No sooner was my zipper down than he pulled at the waistband of my boxers and let my erection spring free. He looked thrilled to see it– as though he hadn’t seen it just that morning, as though he hadn’t practically swallowed it the night before– and wasted no time in stroking it. That got a loud moan from me, and my dick plumped in his hand.

Justin squirmed down lower on the bed and grabbed my hips. “Come down here.”

“Oooohh… I see what you want.” I spread my knees just enough to lower my body and slide my dick into his mouth; I wasn’t ready to outright sit on his face, no matter how badly he wanted it. Maybe in time, but not that night.

He closed his eyes and sighed contentedly as his lips wrapped around my sensitive flesh. He freed my balls from my clothing and made sure they got attention from his tongue. His hands massaged my thighs and backside, keeping me close and urging me lower. I ran my fingers through his hair and held the back of his head.

“Wow Blackthorne,” he gasped after several minutes of licking and sucking, “you’re leaking so much. Are you going to cum as soon as you’re inside me?”

“I probably would,” I moaned. I was massaging his scalp, which he seemed to adore. “Will you let me do something a little different tonight, my prince?”

His eyes went wide with curiosity. “What is it?”

I moved to lie beside him so that I could kiss his face and lips. “I want you inside me, but I want to be on top.”

That had him grinning and blushing all at once. “I get to have you ride me?” He sounded very excited. “Yes! Oh man, I’m getting harder just thinking about it. Mmm… but I want to ride you, too!”

“In time, Little Moon. Maybe it will be a good prize for our first time in our apartment in Sacramento.”

Justin pouted. “You’re going to make me wait that long?” he whined– but it was a teasing whine.

I chuckled and sat up. “It’s not even three weeks away,” I reminded him and I moved to open a drawer in the nightstand. “I love how eager you are.”

When I got what I needed and turned back around, Justin was completely naked and grinning. I smirked. “Keep stroking yourself like that,” I warned him, “and you’ll cum all over yourself instead of in me.”

“Maybe,” he groaned, “but I feel so much better… like I could get hard again right away and then let you ride me, and still make a lot of cum for you.”

I smiled at him and slid off my shirt. “We can do things like that one you’re even stronger,” I promised him. “Besides, I don’t think I have the energy for that much tonight.”

“You– Oh no, Blackthorne, I’m sorry, I should have thought about that. I didn’t mean to demand sex from you. If you need to sleep, I can–”

He stopped talking when I stood up and let my pants and boxers drop to the floor. He stared at my erection, watching me stroke it slowly. “Still think I can’t do one round with you?”

Justin gave me a hungry, dreamy-eyed look. “I swear it looks bigger every time I see it,” he breathed.

“Heh… You’d like it to be, wouldn’t you?”

His cheeks turned a darker red. “Oh, you know I like how big you are. I’d still take it if it was bigger, but I don’t need it to be. Oh wow, it’s leaking. A lot.”

I nodded and got back onto the bed. “I’m going to splatter all over that beautiful chest of yours.”

“I like those kind of threats,” he giggled as he reached for me. “Come here and get my dick wet so it’s easier for you to sit on.”

I liked it when he was needy; it helped him open up more, and he was better able to ask for what he wanted. Before I did as he asked, though, I knelt close to him and gave him the little blue amphora I’d gotten from the drawer.

“This is what is used as lubrication here,” I explained. “I haven’t used it for anything other than– well, just a little release now and then– but what I was told is that it’s good as a massage oil, but it’s also safe for what we need it for.”

Justin grinned and took out the little stopper so he could put a couple drops on his fingers. “Oh wow, it’s really slippery!”

“It is,” I agreed and I laid down beside him and took the head of his dick into my mouth. He tasted clean and earthy, and I could have swallowed all of him right then if I didn’t have enough self-control. “A little goes a long way.”

I gasped when Justin’s tongue ran down my shaft again. He worked me in and out of his mouth while his slicked fingers reached back to find the entrance to my body. Once the area around my hole was wet, he pushed a finger inside, and I reacted by tasting more of him.

“You’re doing great,” I moaned. “Get me wet inside so you can just slide right in.”

Justin sucked harder on my dick and slid another finger into me. The oil made it so easy, and I could hardly make myself wait much longer; I wanted his shaft piercing me, forcing me open, and the oil would make it easier to take him in with less stretching beforehand. After only a few minutes, I sat up.

“I need you inside me,” I gasped.

He nodded and slicked a couple more drops of the oil onto his dick. He yelped just a little when I lifted his hips to slide a pillow under his lower back; that would give a little more height to his thrusts and make it that much easier to hit my prostate. Then I wasted no time in straddling his hips and positioning my hole right over his tip.

“I love you, little prince,” I said as I began to lower myself onto him.

“Oh, Blackthorne!” he cried. His back arched, and his head fell back. He moaned and whimpered as he filled me, no doubt knowing that it was his shaft that opened me, not his fingers this time. “Oh wow, oh g– Blackthorne, you’re so tight!”

I grinned as I watched him, and kept sinking further down. He screeched and squirmed as I gave him pleasure. I loved the way he showed me how much he enjoyed the sharing of our bodies, and I was about to give him so much more reason to scream.

“Well, Little Moon, that’s what happens when you get as hard as you are now. And really, I’d say you’re the one who’s gotten bigger!” It was entirely possible, actually. The healing spring was making him whole, restoring not just the abuse from the bullies, but what he’d lacked over the years. He wouldn’t need more water; what he’d had was more than enough to unlock his potential. All he needed now was food and exercise and time. I was overjoyed at the thought of seeing him healthy, having him truly healed. Even if it was just our arousal making me think his dick had grown even a little, I was happy for him.

Justin thrust upwards, pushing more of himself into me. I groaned and bore down, eager to take in more. He whined when I rose up just a little.

“It’s okay, baby. I’m not going far. put your hand on my dick….yeah, stroke me, Little Moon. Ooooohhh, your hands are so perfect!” I leaned back just enough to change the angle of his shaft inside me, then let my body sink down around him.

He got louder the more I took in. So did I. My legs spread further apart, and my mouth opened to let out deep, throaty moans. Justin could hardly get my name past his lips; his inability to speak told me that I was doing it right.

“Fill me, Little moon give me all of it.”

I came down harder on his next upward thrust. He screamed my name. His hand on my shaft tightened. My thighs rested on his, my balls on his belly. He was fully sheathed inside me; we were one.

“Being filled by you is so glorious!”

“Oh Blackthorne…” he gasped. He was so distracted by his own pleasure that he’d lost track of stroking me, so I laid my hand on his and guided him to do what I liked. “You’re so hard…” His voice was high and strained; good, that meant he was in bliss.

“I love my Prince’s touch,” I told him. “I’m going to make my rhythm match yours, baby.”

I started to rock my hips then. Slightly forward, then back, a little forward again, all like the gentle waves of the ocean. This was something where doing yoga and lifting weights really paid off; I had the strength to move how I wanted to — how he wanted me to — and the stamina to do it longer. Justin was pinned beneath me as I rocked, although I would have let him toss me off at any moment; his needs came first.

“Mmm… oh Blackthorne… oooohhh — yes, yes! oh Blackthorne, If this is how you ride, I want you on me every night!”

“Such pretty words from even prettier lips.” I curled my hips in longer, faster waves. “But what if I want you doing this to me?”

Justin moaned louder. “Oh fuck yes!” He stroked me faster, and I moved my hips to match his pace. “Any time you want me to ride you, I will be there.”

“Mmmm… yes….” I felt my dick pulsing in his hand, wanting to spray the contents of my balls all over him. My hips moved faster, sliding up and down his shaft. I couldn’t hold back much longer. “I have such a giving lover.”

“Yes! Blackthorne, yes! Oh, you’re incredible. Oooohh… Yes, let me give it to you!”

He was close to cumming, too. “Thrust Your hips up. baby. I’ll match your rhythm. There, yes…”

Justin raised his hips, and I came down hard, screaming when that made him hit exactly the right spot.

“Blackthorne!” he cried. “You’re so deep… oh– Oh! OH!!”

“That’s right, Little Moon. give me your Cum. Pour it into me! Fill me!”

I rode him even harder, my hips rising and falling in my desperate need to be speared and stuffed. my own dick was hot and rigid in his hand, ready to explode, but I wanted him cumming first.

I slammed down again, screaming his name as he ground against my prostate. I rose up only a little, and came back down harder.

“I want my insides coated with your essence.” I growled. “Cum for me Little moon. I need you.”

And then he was. His shaft pulsed and spasmed, spewing hot semen into my depths. He shouted my name over and over as his orgasm rocked his body. His hands gripped my hips, refusing to let me up in the slightest. I stared down into his eyes and took over stroking myself.

“That was amazing,” I told him. “I love it when you cum hard.”

“Yeah…” he gasped, trying to catch his breath. “I don’t know how you manage to pull it from me so that I feel empty and fulfilled all at once.”

“Oh, I’m sure our love plays a role in that.”

He smiled up at me, his brown eyes laden with affection and joy. He was still breathing hard.

“You want me to cum so we can cuddle, don’t you?”

He grinned and tried to laugh, but was still too out of breath, so he just nodded.

“Mmmm… I like that idea. Will you massage my balls to help me?”

Justin was still partly hard, and still deep inside me. It was enough for me to ride, to feel. He cupped my balls, feeling how full and hot they were. His touch made me moan, and I curled my hips around his dick, loving the feel of him still inside me. He gasped; my movements were enhancing the aftershocks of his orgasm. I kept rocking on him, stroking myself and letting him touch me.

“Ohh… B… bla…” he whined. “Please…”

“What do you need, beloved prince?” I asked with another wave of my hips.

“Mmmmmm…” His free hand wrapped around my dick to help me stroke it. “Cum… please… all over me.”

At that point, I couldn’t hold back any longer. I cried his name as my cum painted his chest and belly. I went on stroking until I was sure that I had every drop out, that I was completely spent. Then I collapsed beside him and stared into his eyes until my breathing evened out.

“I love you so much little moon,” I told him.

“I love you too, Blackthorne. Thank you for bringing me here… and for saving my life.”

“I’d do it a thousand times over if I had to,” I swore to him, hoping that nothing so dramatic would happen again any time soon.

About Legends of Lorata

Eleanor Willow is the author of the high fantasy series Legends of Lorata, which takes place on a medieval-style world filled with elves, dragons, and faeries. There is also a fourth race, one that is rare and magical: the angelic Starr. Lorata is a distant planet watched over by four deities: good, evil, elemental, and celestial-- and there are plenty of legends about them all! One of the most important ones is the prophecy of Jenh's champion, Loracaz, who is promised to return to the realm whenever evil threatens to take hold. There are currently three books completed, and the first one can be read online. Book four is currently being written, and a fifth will most likely be in the future.
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