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Readers, if you want some songs to read by, I have a few playlists on Spotify. These are songs that have inspired be, and that speak to the nature of the story, the setting, and the characters. In the case of No Distance Greater than the Stars, a few of the songs are actually referred to in the book. They should make for some great music to read by. You can also see the bands I follow, and maybe discover someone new that way. Happy listening!

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Legends of Lorata Book One: The Champion of the Goddess – Prologue

Prologue: The Woeful Emperor

After a land has long since become enshrouded in legend, and the light of its glorious past is filtered by the dust of ages, it falls into danger of facing yet another peril. And while that peril should like to disprove the realm’s glory, often it is that a greater legend is born. In a world where history is no different from legend, and prophecies are promises from the gods, unyielding in their faithfulness, reverence and wonder shall never cease. The legends and prophecies written in holy text might not be fully understood, but they are true nonetheless. Even the most esoteric of tales cannot be dissolved by time; the future shall look back upon them to watch the warrior emerge from the flames and tears to prove the might of his spirit. 

Legend, in all its richness of glory and tragedy, had birthed the most majestic kingdom known to Lorata. In the grassy plains that roll from the cliffs of Dragonridge Mountains to the waves of Blueshade Ocean, Onsira stood proud and deeply respected. Its rich soil brought verdant life to the plains, dotting it with woodlands cut by streams and ponds. Onsira had long been ruled by a monarchy, its bloodline tied to the greatest of all heroes: Loracaz, Champion of Jenh.

Generations had passed since the hero’s great feat, years that were ruled in peace under centuries-old traditions. Onsira was a kingdom governed by elves, but it welcomed fae-kind as friends. It had even found peace and mutual respect with the dragons, difficult though their history had been. It was a safe and honorable kingdom, said to be blessed by Goddess Jenh herself, and its people prospered.

Late in the fifth millennium of Lorata’s recorded history, that age-old peace came to its end. For those who believed that it would never leave the kingdom, it was a juncture of utmost tragedy, the desperate culmination of the actions of His Royal Majesty, King Z’Lé. For the elves who had put their trust into his dream of uniting the four realms of magic and the four races, he had become a figure of cruel betrayal. His people had feared him ever since the day that he invited ambassadors from Thiizav, the kingdom known for it devotion to Métius.  The king’s people began to worry that their queen had made the wrong choice in taking Z’Lé as her beloved.

The Onsiran citizens protested the collection of taxes in order to support the construction of a temple for the one god who had no place in Onsira: Métius, ruler of the Abyss and all the demons who resided therein. Complaints about the taxes brought King Z’Lé’s wrath, and he did not hesitate in jailing those who tried to prevent supplies from arriving at the site of the temple. It had been an act of treason, the king decreed, to prevent the unification that he so desired to create. He had lost the mercy that Onsira had been known for, and cared not that he was feared and reviled. 

All the while, Queen Arialla could do nothing  to stop him. She did not agree with the harshness of Z’Lé’s punishments, but the goal of unification that Z’Lé sought was to important, and too well under way to get in the way of.  She was as nervous as any of her citizens were about demon king, but if she let that fear guide her, how could she bring about unity? It was for that dream that she had chosen Z’Lé, and she could not give up on it.

This logic, however, denied something greater. If Arialla had wanted deny the nobles from Thiizav their embassy and keep Métius out of her kingdom, the king would have gone ahead without her blessing. King Z’Lé had begun to dominate the throne long before commissioning the Temple of Métius to be built. No decision was final without his word, and while the queen laid resting, he would decree many of the laws that would bring his goal of unification to completion. In the name of the alliance of the gods, he broke from one Onsiran tradition after another without even a thought.

Zarrek, the second son of the royal family, grew up as the dark temple was completed. King Z’Lé took the child with him to oversee the raising of its twisted spires, and though he was just a babe, Zarrek watched, transfixed, as each block of rich black stone was set into its place. It worried Arialla to know that her son was so close to that source of evil. He would not bend to her concerns, though. Although the queen did not want her sons to partake in the darker aspects of the unification, the king insisted upon it in the name of true unity. 

With all that he had done, King Z’Lé had forever changed the face of Onsira. Its proud heritage was now hardly better than a memory, and the people were resentful that they could not contest what their king was doing. He expected them to forgive what Métius had done to Goddess Jenh centuries ago, and he decreed that devotion to her alone would harm Onsira’s chances for a unified future. 

In truth, Jenh was the pillar of the kingdom, and Arialla was a direct descendant of her champion, the realm’s founding ruler: Loracaz I. Métius had captured the goddess ages ago, in an attempt to steal away her life and magic, and Loracaz had been the only one able to rescue her. Welcoming the lord of evil back, even in the name of unity, was an insult to the worshipers of the goddess.

Z’Lé overruled any concern for the threat of the demon lord by declaring that the legends and prophecies were too ancient to be trifled with. Jenh had forgiven the dragons, whose jealousy was the root of all acts committed against her. Even her promise that the great hero would return to Lorata, should Métius ever again threaten the world with his evil, seemed unnecessary. It was time for Onsira to grow into an empire of unity, rather than a simple kingdom devoted to a goddess.

When Zarrek was merely five years old, he was initiated into both the Temple of Jenh the Elemental Mother, and the Temple of Métius, Dark Destroyer and Lord of Demons. In the evening of that same day, the king announced that he would unite all of Manastaecies under his rule. He declared himself Emperor of Unified Onsira, and a new age was born. The old green banners were pulled down from the palace walls, and replaced with a new tapestry, one of Z’Lé’s own design. Instead of the traditional leaf, the imperial banner was a long, vertical tapestry that contained the symbols of all four deities, even the demon lord, sewn onto a background of pale grey.

Arialla, now forced to call herself empress, could now understand how he could go so far, 

To Z’Lé, Onsira being ruled by an elvan family meant neglect for the dragons, and it was that neglect that had ignited anger in the hearts of the dragons of ages past. Being that he was from one of the mountain provinces, where dragons outnumbered the elves, he was the best authority on the current disposition of the flying creatures. Arialla had once trusted his conviction that the dragons should be welcome everywhere in Onsira. Nobody had ever suspected that it would come to this.

He who had begun as a charismatic, idea-laden man, able to win the heart of the princess, changed into an irascible, demanding, and vengeful beast of an emperor, more like a dragon than an elf. When Arialla had fallen in love with Z’Lé and made him her king, he had been a gentle ruler, his only request being that dragons and elves should learn to befriend one another. It had been a strange mixing at first, for most elves were frightened of such immense and powerful beasts, but Z’Lé had worked hard to create a peaceable relationship between the races. 

It became apparent, however over the years that his initial success, and the subsequent trust placed upon him by the elves was only his method of preparing for the darker aspects of what he called unity. That unification seemed to lie primarily between Jenh and Métius, ignoring the other two faiths almost entirely. Though he’d allowed temples to the holy god of purity and the celestial goddess of the bards to be built, he took no interest in them, and not even Zarrek bothered to learn from the other two temples.

Z’Lé took no pains to insist that such sacred buildings be built, as he had for Métius. Where he had overseen the building of the black temple at every stage, he had appointed ministers to ensure that the other two were erected, and left them to make their own decisions. Even the funding for the Temple of Métius was far more generous than that budgeted for the Temples of Kearr and Aamh combined.

When the people of the land could no longer bear to live under Emperor Z’Lé’s cruelty, his unfair laws and extreme punishments, they began to beg of Arialla to make him cease his actions and restore the traditions and former laws of Onsira. To their dismay, she could do nothing, what with him dominating the throne. Even when she reminded Z’Lé that the elves were dying of hunger and sickness because of his demands, he asserted his power over her. 

Matters only worsened after that. Z’Lé had amassed a powerful and innumerable following of loyal soldiers and noblemen over the years. Even the dragons were willing to follow his command. They believed in his dream, in the future that Z’Lé had promised them. His followers ignored what most called tyranny, insisting that it was part of the process of incorporating the four alignments; what good was a ruler with a pure heart in a kingdom that allowed Métius within its borders? Blindly, they supported him, defending him with their lives. 

The hope of the people laid in the hands of Prince Loracaz II, Zarrek’s elder brother and the first child born to Arialla and Z’Lé. To find a way out from under the emperor’s tyranny, the citizens implored him instead of the empress. The prince was the first person to be named after Jenh’s champion in all the centuries since the hero’s daring feat. He had much in common with the legendary hero, greatest of which was his pure love and devotion for the goddess; he spent much of his time in the temple dedicated to Goddess Jenh, studying her magic and legends, and often left offerings for her on the royal altar. 

What the Onsiran people now held most dear was this: ages ago, after Goddess Jenh had been rescued from the clutches of Métius, she had made a promise to the elves of Onsira: should evil ever again threaten the land, her champion would return. Loracaz was the one man who could put a stop to tyranny and suffering and banish Métius back to the Abyss. Even if the emperor did not believe in the prophecy, the elves and their fae brethren did, and they prayed each day that their prince would soon awaken to his destiny and restore Onsira to its age-old glory.

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My Gothic Boyfriend XXIV

This chapter is NSFW for graphic adult content.

“Do you need anything to eat?” I asked as I headed into the kitchen. I came back with his stainless steel cup filled with ice water.

He took the water from me and took a long drink. “Just you,” he said.

I shook my head and picked him up to put him on my bed. “I see that you now have a one-track mind.”

“Yeah.” He set his cup on the night-stand and beckoned me closer. “Come on, let me help with that giant erection you have.”

I took his wrists and pinned them to the pillows as I knelt over him. “Trying to tell me what to do, little prince?”

“Well… you weren’t giving it to me.”

“Oh, my dear, impatient little prince.” I leaned down to kiss him again. He tried to pull his hand away– probably to play with my dick– but I laced our fingers together and kept him still. When he tried wrapping his legs around my waist, I straddled his upper thighs and redoubled the passion of our kiss.

“Blackthorne,” he gasped after several minutes of our tongues tangling together, “let me ride you… please… I need you to fill me.”


He gave me a worried look. “But…”

I kissed down his neck. “I want you to relax, conserve your energy. I will take care of you.”

“I need you so bad,” he whispered.

“I know.” I moved down to lick and kiss his nipples. “Let’s not rush through it, though.”

His fingers played through my hair. “Blackthorne… let me taste you again… please.”

I kissed down to his belly. The closer I got to the musk rising up from between his legs, the more aroused I became. He whined my name again, and I knew I couldn’t keep him waiting. I turned around, just like I had the week before, and let him get comfortable. He slipped one arm between my legs and wasted no time in pulling my dick into his mouth.

“Careful, Little Moon… attention like that could have me cumming before I have a chance to slide into you.”

He mumbled something and went back to sucking hungrily; there was a lot more precum for him to swallow, so I knew he was enjoying himself. My arms entwined with his legs, and my face went between them to lick and kiss and play. By the time I worked my way back to the delicate skin behind his balls, he was a whimpering mess and could hardly keep his lips around me.

“Get up here,” I ordered him. I rolled onto my back and pulled him onto me, the back of his balls in my face. He made a small yelp and tried to get me back in his mouth, but I was already grabbing his hips and pulling him closer so that I could do what I needed to do. My hands gripped his cheeks and opened them wide.

“Oh shi– Blackthorne!” he screamed when he felt my tongue. I held on tighter to keep him from escaping. “Oh, wow… Oh– oh f– Blackthorne, how… oh my– Blackthooorrrrnne…”

He quickly lost all ability to speak as I ate him out. From what I remembered, he’d only been treated to that once before, and it had been ages ago, with the boy who’d taken his virginity. I was all too glad to give him that kind of pleasure, especially when I was rewarded with him completely submitting to my will.

Once I had him completely wet, I turned him around swallowed down his leaking dick. He screamed my name again, and I gave him the three fingers he wanted inside him. He sank down onto them and rode them as I sucked down as much precum as I could get out of him.

“Oooohhh… fuuu… You make me feel so good, Blackthorne! Oh shi– Oh man, I’m gonna cum really soon if you keep this up.”

I was ever so tempted to make him cum just from my fingers and my sucking. I could let him coat my face with his cum and then make him lick it up. He’d be completely relaxed and soft for me to make love to– and I felt my dick throb with the thrill of it. At the same time, I really wanted my first time inside him to be what made him cum.

I pulled Justin off and laid him beside me. He tried getting on his hands and knees, but I rolled him onto his back.

“Wait, no,” he whined, “I can take it!”

“I know you can, my sweet prince,” I told him as I placed my thickest pillow under his lower back, “but if I take you from behind, there’s a risk of damaging your central line, and I don’t want to hurt you. Besides, I want to see your face while I make love to you.”

Justin pouted.

I knelt over him to give him another kiss. “We have the whole future ahead of us to try all those other types of sex, Little Moon. Tonight, let me do this tenderly. You’re going to remember this for the rest of your life… I know I certainly will; let’s make it beautiful.”

Justin nodded. “I love you so much,” he whispered.

I smiled down at him. “And I love you. Now then, let me show you what it means when someone loves you for an eternity.”

I sat on my knees before him, legs spread, and pulled his lower half up onto my lap. His body formed a sort of arch around me, with his backside raised to just the right angle to grant me access. Justin watched as eagerly as ever while I added more lube to my shaft, and I smiled back lovingly. Then I leaned forward and positioned the head at his opening.

“I’m ready for you,” he whispered.

I leaned further forward, sinking down into his silky flesh. He released a throaty moan as his body opened wider and let me in. My hands gripped his hips, pulling him up my steel-hard shaft even as my weight let me sink down deeper. He was utter bliss. He was plush and warm and giving; his body invited me in, and I never wanted to leave it.

“My precious Little Moon,” I groaned, hardly able to hear him say my name over the sounds I was making. “You’re… you’re so deep.”

He was a wonder. His body made way for me, letting me fall into him for what seemed like forever, descending deeper and deeper. I had been a little worried that he wouldn’t be able to accept my full length, but the deeper I went, the more he sang my praises, and the more he asked for. I was his blade, and Justin wanted to sheathe all of me.

“Oh, Blackthorne,” he gasped once I’d finally sunk all the way inside. He was breathing hard and hardly able to form words.

I massaged Justin’s hips and belly, and my eyes closed. I relaxed and focused on memorizing the perfect bliss of that moment.

“I can feel your pulse inside me,” he breathed. “Your heart is racing.”

I smirked and looked down at him through hooded eyes. “Isn’t yours?”

“Well… maybe, but not like it will be when you start moving.”

“Mmmmm… I might just stay like this.”

He gave me a scandalized expression. “Keep teasing me, and I’ll have to do all the moving… But it’ll be a lot more work for me in this position, even compared to me being on top.”

“Oooohhh, my dear prince,” I intoned, “the thought of you working that hard is ever so arousing.” Even so, I held his hips tightly so that he couldn’t move. “I look forward to the day when you’re strong enough to do just that.”

Justin squirmed in my hands and whined my name.

“Oh, are you being needy now?”

He nodded and struggled to move.

“I see.” I started to push him down. He gasped and gave me a look of desperation. I smirked. “Don’t worry, baby, I won’t leave you empty.”

I pushed back with a little more pressure than before. He moaned. I grinned.

“More,” he begged.

Again I slid him down, just a little more than last time; I thrust back in right as he started to squirm to get me back. He moaned contentedly as I filled him.

“Oh, I know you can get so much louder than that,” I told him.

“Are you going to make me?”

As though I needed him to dare me! “I’m tempted to make it so you can’t speak after I’m done.”

He grinned. “But I’ll still be able to walk?”

I pretended that I needed a moment to think it over. “I’d say the goal it to make it so you won’t want to go anywhere.”

“Oh, you’re sly.”

“Whatever it takes to make my prince happy. Now quit wiggling around and let me take over.”

Justin knew what was good for him; he relaxed his body around me and allowed me to move in the way I saw fit. I went back to moving him down and pushing back in, making each movement longer and stronger, his moans and breathy words all the praise that I needed. He was beautiful to listen to. In fact, the pride I felt in giving him pleasure was even more worth it than my own pleasure.

After a while, I’d worked up to a comfortable rhythm. Between my thrusts as the fact that he was partially upside down due to our position, he was grinning almost drunkenly. I loved seeing him in that kind of bliss; romantic and erotic pleasure was the best high there was, and I intended to give him all I could.

When Justin tried to grab his own dick, I pinned his hand down and grabbed it for myself. The shaft was hot with all the blood flowing through it. The tip was soaking wet, and I used his precum to lubricate the rest of it and make it easier to stroke.

“You’re leaking a lot, baby.” It was getting harder to breathe as I worked in and out of him; I had to admit that I was a little out of practice.


“You want to cum soon?”

“Uh-huh.” He could hardly open his eyes to look up up me.

“Me, too, Little Moon.”

I knew I wouldn’t be able to last for too long. My body had been craving him, just as he’d been craving me, and this evening was more than worth the wait. He was so soft, so welcoming, so perfecting for sharing an eternity more of nights like this. The pleasure filling my body was intense, and my head felt light due to my blood pulsing in and around the shaft that Justin needed me to thrust into him over and over again. The louder he screamed, the tighter my balls felt, eager to unload into him, to claim his body as mine.

“B… Black… thorne,” he whined; he wouldn’t be able to take much more.

I tightened my grip on his hips and added more strength to my thrusts. I would worry later that his cries might have been heard in the main house, but in that moment all I cared about was giving Justin everything I had. Knowing how much pleasure I was giving him, how he wanted more and more, was intoxicating.

When I thought that he was close, I leaned down to kiss him. My hair fell around my face like black waterfalls; his was pasted to the sweat that coated his skin. His cheeks were flushed, his eyes barely open, but looking up at me with so much love.

“Cum for me, little prince,” I told him, my voice low and husky. I was stroking his dick as I continued to slide in at out of him. “Get it all over me.” I sat up a little more, exposing my muscled chest and belly.

“F…fill… fill me,” gasped, hardly even able to form the words.

“I will,” I replied, stroking him even, “once you do as I asked.”

He whimpered as I went on with my powerful rhythm.

“I want to be coated is your essence.”

“B…. black…”

I thrust harder. “Cum for the man you love, Little moon.”

“Oh g–”

“Use my name.”

“Blackthorne!” he cried as my body sank deeper into his. Sweat ran down my cheeks from my effort not to cum before he did. “Oh Blackthorne, oh Blackthorne, oh Blackthorne!

His voice rose in both pitch and volume.

“Give me what I want,” I commanded. “Mark me as yours.”

“Oooooohhhh Blackthorne, oh–” His voice caught in his throat for a moment, and then he was screaming, “Oh Blackthorne, I’m cumming! I-I– Blackthorne!”

I couldn’t make out what he said after that, but I knew it was all words of ecstasy. His cum spewed out of him at high pressure and coated my chest and belly. He gasped and screamed by name with every spasm, and he could hardly breathe by the time the flow subsided. He gave me a pleading look as his body became weak and limp in my grasp.

“You’re so beautiful,” I murmured. “I will give you everything you want, my prince.”

He’d had me on edge for so long that it only took a few more powerful strokes to release my flood into him. My body seized. I howled into the night. It felt like my very soul was pouring into him. Every spurt was utter rapture. I was deeper inside him than I’d ever been before, emptying everything I had into him until my balls felt withered and empty. And the entire time, Justin was singing my praises.

I could have collapsed right onto him. I’d be his blanket, warm but sticky, and incredibly happy. He was still trying to catch his breath as I eased myself down and rolled us onto our sides. He clung to me with his legs, completely unwilling to let go.

“Wow,” he breathed after a while of just trembling in my arms. He could hardly speak, which was exactly what I’d wanted. “I know you like it when I say your name, but you really are like a sex god.”

I smirked and rewarded his compliment with a kiss. “Hhhmmm… I don’t know, Little Moon. You like vampires so much, I think I’d rather be compared to them.”

He grinned. “You’re the sexiest vampire of them all. I’d be absolutely begging you to bite me and drink everything I had.”

“Oh, would you? I’d have to fatten you up first, little one.”

“I wonder if I’d taste like blueberries…”

I ran a finger through the cum coating my chest, then licked it clean. “Not yet, but I’m sure if I keep feeding you, I can get you there.”

If his cheeks weren’t already flushed from making love, they would have been scarlet after that comment. Instead, he went along with the joke and licked some of his own cum off of my nipple.

“Oh yeah, needs a lot more blueberries!”

We laughed, and then we both shared in kisses, showing one another how grateful we were for the passion we’d just experienced. I knew then, with our tongues dancing and our sweaty bodies still desperate for each other, than I wanted him forever. He was the one I could trust with everything, the one who could share in my secrets and treasure me just the same. I was completely, hopelessly, and blissfully in love with him.

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My Gothic Boyfriend XXIII

This chapter is NSFW wfor adult content.

We came home from the Italian restaurant late that Saturday. Justin had been especially flirtatious all day long; I knew what he wanted, and I wanted the same thing. He hurried off to the shower while I put away our leftovers. While he got the water going, I lit some candles and turned off the lights. Once I had the music playing, I put my boots away and headed to the bathroom.

“I see you were in a rush to get undressed,” I said as I picked up his clothes from the floor.

“My body has felt constricted all day,” he whined.

“Oh, I believe it.” I tossed his pants onto the armchair in the other room, closed the door, and put the rest in the washer before I started undressing.

Justin peeked out from behind the frosted glass shower door. “Keep your jewelry on? It’s so sexy when you’re only wearing a bunch of metal.”

I smirked. He still had his jewelry on, too. “I could say the same about you, Little Moon.”

He gave me a wolfish grin and closed the shower door. His body was mostly a blur through the frosted glass, but I could still tell that he was adding shampoo to his hair. I had to get out of my pants before my body decided that it wanted to rebel.

“I’m coming in,” I told him as soon as I was naked. I slid open the shower door, and he stepped aside so that I could stand in the water and get soaked.

Justin smiled up at me as he watched. No matter how often we showered together, I was always thrilled to have his eyes on me. He looked at me with such affection and desire that I didn’t want to be looked at by anyone else; I didn’t want him looking at anyone else, either– especially not like that. The way the water made his hair stick to kiss face was beautiful, and I wanted wanted to drink every drop of water from his lips.

“Your excitement is showing, my prince,” I pointed out.

His hand went straight to the erection that rose up proudly from between his legs. “I know. I just can’t stop thinking about what you’ll be doing to me.”

I pushed his hand aside and caressed his erection. “Mmmmm, it’s already solid.” He moaned as I slid back the foreskin and rubbed my thumb over his slit. “Ooh, look at you, already slick.”

“Blackthorne, be gentle! I’ve been wanting it all week and it you’re not careful, I’ll end up cumming right away.”

“Is that so?” I asked as my hand went lower to check the fullness of his balls. “I could use that as lubrication.”

He flushed and looked away.

“It’s okay, Little Moon, I’ll try to help it last longer for you.” I pulled him closer and kissed the top of his head.

“Want me to wash your hair for you?”

“Not at all,” I told him, my voice going much lower, “but I do want to know how you want things to go tonight.”

Justin turned a deeper shade of red. “I… I want you inside me,” he murmured.

“Oh, I know.” I took his hands. “Tell me more.”

“I… uuummm… It’s up to you…”

“No,” I told him, my tone a little firmer, “you’re in charge, remember? I’m not making all the decisions. I don’t need to do certain things just to be able to cum; I just want to be with you and share all of this with you.”

Justin looked up at me with pleading eyes. I gazed back into them, exploring the rich browns I saw there. He knew what he wanted from me; he just had to tell me. I felt him press his wrist into my palm.

“Be strong,” he murmured.

“What was that?” I made my voice low and sultry. “Tell me so I can hear you.”

His expression was a mix of arousal and uncertainty; he liked it when I talked like that– I knew he would– but he didn’t want to tell me what to do.


When he hesitated again, I grabbed both his wrists, lifted him several inches off the ground, and pinned him against the wall. I stared up at him as I licked his nipples. I sucked on one and nipped lightly at the other, loving the moans he rewarded me with.

“Tell me what you want, Little Moon,” I commanded him. He knew this wasn’t my nature, that I was playing at dominating, that I would set him down gently if he didn’t like it. “Let me hear it from those beautiful lips of yours.”

He moaned and squirmed as my tongue went down his belly. I sucked on his navel, then stopped once I was lined up with his glistening dick. I looked up at him again.


“Yes what?”

“Yes Blackthorne…”

“Go on.”

“Oh, g– Blackthorne, you’re so strong.”

“Tell me more. Tell me what you want.” I licked back up his side, nibbling his soft flesh here and there.

“Oh, yeah… yeah… I want you, Blackthorne.”

“What do you want me to do to you, Little Moon? Tell me more than simply making love.”

“I… I… Ohhhhhh!” I stopped sucking quite so hard on his nipple so he could talk. “I want to feel more of your power.”

“Is that so?” I licked over to his other nipple.

“Ye–” His voice was lost to gasps as I sucked and nibbled. Then I kissed up towards his neck. He whimpered. “Oh Blackthorne, I need– yeah, there!– I need to feel more of your strength.”

“Do you?”

He gave a light-headed chuckle. “Ooohhhh, Blackthorne, stop torturing me and show me how strong you are! Make me yours. Take me– and make sure you cum hard!”

I kissed and licked his neck. “Mmmmm… I love hearing things like that from you.” I pressed my body against Justin’s, my half-erect dick sliding alongside his and loving how that made him moan. “Okay, Little Moon, you’re going to really enjoy what I have in store for you.”

Justin whimpered and moaned softly as I kissed his neck and slowly lowered him back down. His arms wrapped around me the instant I let go of his wrists. His lips sought mine, and he locked me in a kiss that I would have been content to never see the end of if it weren’t for what else I planned to do with him.

“Give me the soap,” I commanded him.

He grinned as he pressed the bar into my hands. I worked up a good lather and started scrubbing down, kissing the placed I’d cleaned as the water washed the soap away. As I got lower, I knelt on the shower floor. He gazed down and watched me was his belly, his hips, and on down his slender legs. I didn’t wash his shaft until I’d worked my way back up, so that I could give him extra attention between his legs. I covered his balls with bubbles, grinning up at him as he gasped and gripped my shoulders.

“Blackthorne– Blackthorne–“

“It’s okay if you cum on my face,” I told him. “You talk about it so much, I’m sure you want to.”

His fingers dug into my skin as he groaned my name. I worked the bubbles up and down his shaft, and licked up the generous amount of precum he’d made before washing the head.

“Ffff… Blackthorne, you’re the one who wants it all over your face… Ooohh… Come on, if you keep doing that, I’ll– I’ll–“

I stopped before he did. When he was stronger, I could make him cum multiple times a day; for now, I had to be gentle, to not over-work his body. I stood up and worked up a thick lather on his backside.

“Now you wash me while I play with you,” I said, handing him the soap.

He took it with trembling hands and started soaping up my neck and shoulders. He almost dropped it several times before I gave him a break from touching and focused on sharing him more kisses.

“I’ve loved watching you fill out, I told him. You’re getting bigger; maybe you’ll even get a little taller this summer.”

“I don’t know, I kind of like you being so much bigger than me…”

“Is that so?” I leaned in close to his ear and made my voice low and rumbly.

He rubbed the soap over my chest and played with my nipples. “Yeah… You can be my big, strong vampire knight, always ready to protect me.”

“Oh, a vampire knight?” I teased. “Not a werewolf knight?”

He shook his head.

“What about an elvan knight?”

He laughed softly.

“Mmmm… Or I could become the big, bad dragon who devours you,” I growled.

He flushed; I knew what he liked. “Y-yes…”

“My little prince needs a lot of attention, don’t he?” My hands slid down into the valley between his legs, squeezing the flesh. His reactions were enthralling.

“Yeah… I do,” he agreed, his voice halting. My fingers went deeper. “Oh wow! Blackthorne… I can’t wash you if you distract me like that.”

“Mmmmmm…” I buried my face in his neck as I went on exploring. “Keep trying, Little Moon. We’ll see how long you can hold onto the soap while I work on you.”

The tip of my middle finger pushed inside him. He was warm and silky, and though he was tight at first, I knew it wouldn’t take too long to open up for me. He gasped and clawed at my back until he got used to it, and then bore down on my finger.

“Strong hands…”

“I know, Little Moon. Strong, but for you: gentle. I’ll take good care of you.”

He nodded and rubbed my lower back with the soap. The suds felt nice flowing down my backside.

“Keep going,” I ordered him.

As though he knew he would have to if he wanted more of my hands on him– in him, Justin massaged the soap over every inch of my backside. I rewarded him with the movement he wanted from my finger. He moaned and laid his head on my chest.

“Don’t forget about the front.” I leaned back just a little so that he’d have access.

Nodding, Justin brought the soap around to my hips, then my belly, and then down between my legs. The way he washed my shaft, coating it in bubbles and rubbing them in, top and bottom, tip to base and back up, made me a lot harder. I pulled my finger out and gently urged him down to his knees. He gazed up at me.

“Attention to detail,” I reminded him. I put one foot up on the ledge of the bathtub to give him more access.

He nodded and got to work rubbing the soap between my legs. His touch felt wonderful, and he was exceptionally gentle. I could feel my shaft twitch and pulse with desire, wanting more from him. But I knew he wanted it, too, and I had to get him to draw it out.

“My legs,” I reminded him, firming my tone.

He nodded and scrubbed down my legs. As he was making sure every one of my toes got clean, I slid my fingers into his hair and gently pulled him back up.

“I do so love your attentiveness,” I told him.

Justin placed his palms around the base of my erection and gave me a pleading look.

“You want to taste it, Little Moon?” I ran my fingers through his hair affectionately. He nodded, and I urged him closer. “You’ve been so good. I’ll let you enjoy it for a while.”

Justin’s tongue slid along the vein on the underside as he took my dick into his mouth. He was warm and soft, and I would have let him devour it forever if he wasn’t so eager for other things. I let him suck and swallow down my precum for a few minutes, enjoying the gentle away he caressed my balls and teased me with his fingers, letting them wander further back.

“Take it easy,” I reminded him gently as he tried to take in more of me. He continued, though, and I had to grip his hair to get him to stop. “You’re pushing yourself too hard, baby.”

He gripped my legs, not wanting to let go.

“Let go, Little Moon.” I held his head steady as I leaned back, and he let it slide out of his mouth.

“You taste so good,” he murmured.

I gave him a warm smile and tugged on his hair just enough to get him so stand back up. My next demand was clear and crisp. “I want to taste myself in your kisses.”

He complied without question, just as I knew he would. Not that I’d have to ask, of course; Justin always wanted to kiss, and once he started, he didn’t want to stop. I could taste the earthy musk he’d been drinking from me on his tongue. I was thrilled that me loved my taste, because I’d have plenty to give him as time went on.

My fingers went back between his legs as we kissed. “Two this time,” he begged me. “Please…”

“Well…” I breathed into his ear, “since you asked so nicely…”

I loved making him shiver just from my voice. My low, sensual tones had a power effect on him, and I was certain that he knew how much I was aware of that power I had over him. I gave him want he wanted, pushing two fingers into him, and he was instantly gasping and clawing at my shoulders.

“Oh m– Blackthorne, your hands are so big!”

“The better to please you with, Little Moon.”

He chuckled at the reference and buried his face in my chest. I didn’t give him a chance to say anything else, and pushed further into him. He bore down on me, and his moans echoed through the bathroom. One of his hands went down to grasp my dick; he stroked it needfully.

“It’s ready for me, Blackthorne,” he begged.

“Yes, Little Moon. I’m eager to be inside you, too, but you need a little more stretching.”

He whined a little and moved his hips up and down.

“Oh, you really need it, don’t you? You’re so eager.”

He nodded and looked up at me with pleading eyes. “I want all of you.”

“Soon, baby. Just relax into it.” I pushed by fingers deeper and leaned in so that I could peer over his shoulder and look down at his body. My other hand squeezed one of his cheeks and spread them apart, making him moan and bear down more. The thought that I would soon be inside him, right in the middle of those mounds of flesh, had my dick twitching and straining. I don’t think I could have possibly been any harder in that moment.

Justin pulled me into a kiss that channeled all of his need and passion into me. He rode my fingers until doing so became easier for him, and then he begged for another one. He whined when I pulled out instead.

“No… No, Blackthorne, I need more!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” I soothed him, kissing the top of his head. Then I reached around him to turn off the shower. “I just want to get you dried off and on my bed.”

That was enough of a consolation that he didn’t complain any further. I opened the shower door and grabbed a towel to start drying him off, then helped him step out. I followed once I was dry, too, and we went out to the main room together.

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My Gothic Boyfriend XXII

We ended up not making love the next night after all. Justin’s dad leaving town hit him a lot harder than he’d expected it to, even with them spending the day together. It didn’t help that Ms. Anderson seemed glad that he was going, or that she didn’t understand why her son cared so much about his father. I helped make sure that I had Raymond’s phone number so that it wasn’t only in Justin’s phone. Raymond promised to stay in contact; now that Ms. Anderson wasn’t the one controlling the phone, he wanted Justin to text him any time he wanted to.

Raymond knew that he couldn’t make up for hardly being there over the past eighteen years, but he still wanted to be there for his son, to get to know him better. He really was trying to do better, to take responsibility. Couldn’t a person be commended for that? Even after past mistakes, a person’s goodness can shine through; for some, effort alone is enough, but there is no shame in accepting help, either.

Justin spent the evening snuggled up on my lap. He tried getting away with not eating, but I kept feeding him blueberries and avocado slices until I felt that I could believe his claims that he was full. He clung tightly to me in his sleep, but I didn’t mind; that’s just part of being there for him. It was a relief to see the text Raymond sent the next morning to say that he’d arrived safely in Seattle. He’d be working that evening and would reply to Justin’s texts on his breaks.

On Wednesday, Justin came to the electronics store with me so that he wouldn’t be lonely. He played on his switch for a while– he even had a carrying case to keep it safe– then went over to Cadence’s shop to say hello. I didn’t realize how long he’d been gone until David had me break for lunch. It had been over an hour. I called him immediately.

“Justin, are you okay?” I asked the instant he picked up. “Where are you?”

“I’m fine. I’m at Cadence’s store, like I told you. What’s wrong? You sound upset.”

“You’ve been over there for an hour and a half!” I pointed out as I left the electronics store and headed down the street.

“Wow, really?” He paused, and I assumed he was checking the time. “That went by really fast. I’ve just been talking with Cadence and Rainbow.” There was some chatter in the background, and then he added, “Oh hey, can you come down here on your break? I have good news!”

“I’m on lunch now,” I told him. “I’ll be right there.”

Justin practically leaped into my arms when I entered the store. “Blackthorne that was quick!”

“Sorry I distracted him for so long,” Cadence told me. “But I had a good reason, I promise!”

I looked between her and Justin. He was grinning, and I couldn’t help but smile, too. “Okay, Little Moon, what is it? Did you find that really rare Type O Negative album?”

He laughed and shook his head. “No, but maybe you can help me find it online so we can celebrate getting my very first job!”

“Of course I’ll he– wait, did you say–“

“I got a job, Blackthorne!” he cheered. “I get to work here!”

Now I was grinning, too. “Wow, congratulations, Little Moon. I’m proud of you.” Then I looked to Cadence. “Thank you.”

“Oh, thank him,” she said. “I’ve been trying to hire him for weeks now, and he finally said ‘yes.’ Actually, Rainbow was the one who really convinced him.”

I chuckled and hugged him again. “Look at you, having people begging you to work for them. See how awesome you are?”

He was all smiles the entire time I took him down to the sandwich shop to pick up lunch. We caught up with Rainbow there as she was getting food for her and Cadence, then sat together in the tiny break room in the back of the shop. It doubled as a back-stock area, which was more materials for pricing and packaging than any actual merchandise.

“I really appreciate you giving him a job,” I told the young women as we ate. “He’s been wanting to earn money for a while now”

“Oh, I appreciate him agreeing to work way more!” Rainbow told me; she was actually excited about it. “We’ve been needing help around the shop so that we can focus on all the paperwork and other stuff we need to get done.”


“They’re getting ready to move their business!” Justin exclaimed.

I look between him and Cadence and Rainbow, worried that he’d blurted out something that was theirs to tell.

“It’s okay,” Cadence assured me. “It’s true, though. We’re finally making some headway in moving out of the state.”

“That’s great! Have you decided on a location, then? Last I heard, you were focused on the west coast.”

Justin could hardly contain himself.

“We have,” Rainbow said. “I’m going to finish my business degree at CSU.”

“California, huh? Which campus?” Calstate had quite a few locations.

Now Justin looked ready to burst with excitement.

“Business is moving too Sacramento,” Cadence announced with a wide grin. “We’re giving it a new name, and we can finally be ourselves instead of toeing the line in this small town.”

“Isn’t that awesome, Blackthorne?!” Justin was out of his seat and nearly bouncing off the walls. “And they want me to keep working for them!”

“Wow, that’s– that’s wonderful news.” The day was just getting better and better. “Do you know when that’ll happen?”

“Well, now that Justin has agreed to help, we can probably be ready to go by the end of summer,” Rainbow said.

“We could drive out there together!” Justin cheered.

I looked to Cadence. “In one, big, happy caravan?”

“We’re game if you are,” she said. “Justin can even drive my car while I drive the moving truck, if he wants.”


Cadence looked to Justin. “It’s okay, you don’t have to.”

Rainbow must have noticed the look of worry on his face, because she asked him, “It’s probably been a long time since you’ve driven, right? But her car is really easy to drive; you can even take it to do errands for us to try it out.”

“That’s probably not a good idea…”

“What? Why not?”

“He doesn’t have his license,” I told her. He didn’t mind people knowing that, but he did have a hard time putting words to it.

“Oh, well that’s an easy fix,” Cadence said. “Any of us can take you driving so you can practice and get ready for the road test.”


“Wait, do you mean you don’t have a learner’s permit either?”

Justin shook his head.

“Some friends and I offered to help him out back in high school,” I explained, “but he wouldn’t have had a car to drive anyway, so he turned us down.”

“Oh… Well, okay then,” Cadence said. “But hey, if you ever decide you want to learn, we’ll help you out.”

“Thanks,” Justin said. His cheeks were a little flushed with embarrassment, but at least they were being accepting. “It might be a long time, though, because of my health.”

We talked a little about Justin’s schedule and the tasks he’d be doing. He wouldn’t work on days he had to visit the hospital, and they would let him relax with me on the weekends. His days wouldn’t even be eight hours long, and they agreed to simply have him come to the shop around the time I drove to the area for my own job. He’d have plenty of breaks, and if he needed a day off, all he had to do was let them know– and to that end, the four of us exchanged phone numbers.

Justin would mostly be tidying up for now: putting away shirts and other clothes, keeping the CDs organized, dusting, vacuuming, and so on. He could help customers but didn’t need to worry about the cash register. If they weren’t getting ready to move, they’d have him help put out new merchandise, but for now they were only ordering if a customer needed something they didn’t have in stock. When they had more things taken care of for the move, he could help pack boxes, but otherwise he could do some cleaning here and there.

Normally, employers didn’t let employees text during work or pick their own hours, but Cadence already saw him as a friend and wanted to help ease him into working. Part of that was allowing him to keep in touch with me so that I knew he was safe. She also wanted to be able to pay him more than $7.50 an hour, but with their budget and the work being so light anyway, Justin didn’t mind. A lot would be different once they got to California, but this was great for now.

Justin stayed there after lunch to keep helping around the shop, and I headed back to work. He met me there a few hours later, all smiles and ready to tell me how it went. He was also very hungry, so we got some food to bring home, and he talked the whole drive. It was amazing to see him so happy– more than amazing, really. I didn’t even mind that he was too tired to make love; seeing him smiling in his sleep as we cuddled was worth it.

Thursday was another hospital day, and Justin decided to rest at my place after his appointments while I was at work. We ended up playing video games until bed time that night. Justin went to work on Friday, and we went out to dinner to celebrate; this time his mother was also invited along, and she was happy to hear all the great news.

Justin and I agreed to save doing anything more intimate than kissing for Saturday night. We could sleep in, catch a matinee at the cinema, then relax under the tree on the hill until dinner time. We talked about taking a three-day weekend before leaving Wyoming; we both wanted to see Yellowstone while we had the chance, and I might even be able to rent a cabin for a night if we were lucky. Until then, we were content with reading, playing games, and watching movies together in between shifts at work.

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My Gothic Boyfriend XXI

Justin came home with me that evening with a brand-new Nintendo Switch console. He was giddy with excitement, and could hardly put it down long enough to take off his backpack and shirt so that I could help him disconnect the nutrition pack from his central line. I got him to sit still just long enough to push the saline through and cap the port, and then he went right back to playing “Breath of the Wild.”

“Okay, Little Moon,” I said as I pulled the tags off his new pajama set; he’d chosen black silk as his new favorite, though his father had insisted that hew get a few, not just one, “before you get too far into that, let’s get some more food in you.”

“Okay,” he said, already focused on his game. “I’m so hungry!”

I brought him one of his new favorites: a toasted bagel with avocado and grilled chicken and Swiss cheese (and of course, a bowl of blueberries). He pretty much devoured it in the time it took me to get the console connected to the television so that we could both play together.

Justin switched out the game, and we spent at least an hour laughing together as we tried to run and jump through the first few levels. He’d never owned a contemporary console before; the best he’d ever had was an old Super Nintendo, which only worked part of the time and needed frequent cleaning. It had once been Raymond’s, and as nice as it was to give his son a gaming console, Ms. Anderson had often complained that what they really needed was money for rent or new clothes. He’d bring by random new game cartridges now and then, only a fraction of which actually held Justin’s attention– and that was if they worked.

Raymond knew that buying things for him didn’t make up for all the years of irresponsibility– Justin would never forget all those years of struggling and neglect; he just wanted to do something nice now that he could. Far be it from me to prevent Justin from having something nice, especially considering how I wanted to one day make enough money to get him the newest console on the market. I loved to see him smiling and excited. He squirmed on my lap as we played, sometimes laughing when his character fell off of a ledge.

“I should have to kiss you every time I fall,” he suggested after a while, laying a kiss on my forehead.

“Oh really? Wouldn’t that make you start falling on purpose, just so you could kiss me more?”

His cheeks flushed. “Hmmmm, you’re right, I didn’t think that one through. I was just trying to think of a way to make sure we still kissed often enough even when we’re playing.”

“Ah, so you want an excuse to kiss me more?”

“You would, too, if you had a hot guy with gorgeous long hair letting you sit in his lap.”

I smirked. “I’m hot, am I?”

“Oh yeah. You should probably take off your shirt to cool off.” He set down the game controller and started unbuttoning my shirt.

“You have a one-track mind, don’t you, Little Moon?” I chuckled.

“It has a few tracks… food, kisses, vampires…”

“In that order?” I asked, raising a brow.

“Well, I can’t swallow kisses.”

I laughed a little louder. “Mmm… the way you kiss, you certainly try to.”

Justin took away my game controller and straddled my lap. His arms wrapped around my neck. “I like devouring you.”

My hands went to his hips as he leaned in to kiss me. He kissed like he was starved for affection, even though we’d found time throughout the day for making out. But those times had been short, as privacy had been hard to come by. Now he wanted to press his body up against mine, to meld with me, and to never separate.

“Mmmmm… Sweet prince, you’re hard as steel already.”

He nodded, a proud grin crossing his face. “That tends to happen when I’m with someone amazing.”

I felt my cheeks flood with heat. “Well, I appreciate that, but you need to not over-exert yourself. You were exhausted after making love to me the other day.”

“It was worth it. Besides, that’s not what I want to do tonight.”

I checked the clock. “It’s kind of late for me to try stretching you out enough to take me, Little Moon.”

“I know, he murmured as his hands caressed my chest. “I’d rather do that tomorrow, anyway. Tonight, what I really want to do is make you my snack.”

“Oh, you’re already hungry again?”

He nodded eagerly. “Wanna know a secret?”

I rubbed my chin for a moment, pretending to think really hard about it. “I’m terribly curious, Little Moon, but if you tell me, it won’t be a secret anymore.”

Justin giggled, then leaned in close to my ear. “I’m always hungry for you.”

His words warmed me; I cannot deny that. Knowing how much he wanted me made me want to take care of him that much more. My hands went from massaging his hips to massaging his backside. “I think my sweet prince needs more affection.”

He nodded. “And I need to taste you.”

“Anything you want, my prince.”

He clung to me as I got out of the chair and carried him over to the bed. I laid him down gently, and he made himself comfortable while I went to put on music. His arms wrapped around me as soon as I was in the bed next to him. After several minutes of kissing, he rolled me onto my back.

“I love you, Blackthorne,” he told me, then laid kisses down my jaw and neck, and further down, to my chest.

“I love you, too, Little Moon,” I moaned; my neck was very sensitive.

I breathed in sharply when his tongue lapped at my nipple; it wasn’t even the first time, but my body kept reacting to him like it was. I loved the way his hands caressed me, the way his fingertips explored the hills and valleys of my muscles, and especially the way he’d lick my belly to feel how hard it was. He kissed around my navel, then further down, tugging on my pajama bottoms as he descended.

“Oh Blackthorne, you smell so good!”

Of course he would think that. He had a weak spot for musk and for my scent in general, so once he pulled my pants off and kissed down between my legs, he was pretty much intoxicated.

“You act like you don’t need me down here,” he said between licks and kisses, “but you’re already hard and wet.”

“That’s all your doing.”

He grinned up at me. “I’m glad I have this effect on you. It means I get my treat sooner.”

Justin wrapped his palm around my shaft and stroked it slowly. When he pulled the foreskin away from the head of my dick, he breathed in deeply, then licked up every drop that had leaked out of me. I groaned and reached a hand down to caress his cheek.

“Little Moon– oooooohhhhh… that’s– please, hang on.” He looked up at me through long, dark eyelashes. “Oh, you’re so beautiful! Listen, baby, just don’t overdo it, okay?”

He nodded slightly before diving back down between my legs. My thighs were shoved out of the way so he could get under my balls, and he worked his way back up from there, kissing and licking everything he could find.

“You’re so delicious,” he gasped, then started focusing on licking and sucking my shaft.

I was breathing a lot harder. I could hardly even hold still; I had to, though, so that I didn’t choke him. When his tongue played with the wet slit at the tip, I grabbed a handful of his hair and moaned.

“Oh, yeah!” he cried.

“Are– I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

He gave me an impish grin. “Not in a bad way. I like it, Blackthorne. By the time I have you ready to cum, you’re going to have both hands in my hair.”

I laid my head back on the pillow and let him resume devouring my dick like a hungry animal. He sucked at the tip, then closed his lips around the shaft and worked his way up and down it. That normally would have my hips thrusting deeper into his mouth, but since I couldn’t risk triggering his gag reflex, I settled for grabbing his hair in one hand, the sheets in the other.

“Give me yours.” I begged. “I want to taste you, too.”

“What?” he squeaked. “No, you’ll make me cum. I have to conserve my energy.”

“Please,” I gasped as he went back to licking me.

He grinned. “It’s really sexy when you beg.”

“Little Moon, that’s not fair. I need you.”

He shook his head. “All you need is to feed me your cum.”

I nearly shouted as he took more of me into his mouth. It was so warm and hot and soft, and when he sucked, he sucked hard. He had me completely hard, solid, and throbbing. The way he was working on me, I’d soon be emptying my balls down his throat.

“You taste incredible,” Justin said when he came up for air. “You make a lot of precum.”

“Yeah… because I have a lot of cum getting ready for you.”

“That’s what I like to hear. I’m so hungry for it!” He kissed my belly and said, “Just imagine being inside my tight body tomorrow. Mmmmm… just thinking of having this big thing in me is making me drip.”

I wasn’t going to be able to take much more of that kind of talk. He already had me twitching and throbbing with every touch. The fact was, I did want to be inside him. I’d make love to him every night if that’s what he wanted, but I also knew that Justin had a submissive side, and if I didn’t encourage him to take control sometimes, he would end up only ever bottoming. I didn’t want to only ever top, or be the only one making decisions, and I certainly didn’t want him giving up his autonomy. I needed him to be my equal.

Normally, I wouldn’t take someone as little as Justin to bed; I didn’t want to hurt anyone, and I wasn’t willing to help stretch or train someone I wasn’t fully committed to. Justin was different, though. Not only was I deeply in love with him, and I could trust him with everything there was to know about me, but he was experienced. He didn’t need weeks or months of stretching, and he’d be able to take me with very little effort.

Ever since I’d come to Wyoming, and he’d admitted to falling in love with me, I’d felt more and more that we were made for each other; in a manner of speaking, at least. As his head bobbed up and down and his tongue and lips soaked me, I knew I didn’t ever want to give him up. The way he sucked made my fingers tighten in his hair. I could have grabbed him and made him turn around so that I could pleasure him, too, but I respected his wish to save it for another day. He was too precious to me to do anything less for him.

Justin’s hands cupped my backside. I moaned louder as his fingers squeezed and played with the flesh; I never wanted him to stop touching me. Then his playing turned to spreading me open. His thumbs ventured down into the depths between my legs and massaged the tight, hidden muscle hidden there. He hummed hungrily around my dick when that got him even more precum. He played with my opening, making my heart race as I imagined him sliding into me again. We fit so perfectly together, we pleased one another so well…

It only took a few strokes of his finger inside me to get me to cum. I was screaming his name and filling his throat all at once. His lips kept stroking me in between swallows as though he intended to drain every drop from me. I had a lot to give him, but he drank it down like a starved man even as more and more gushed out. It seemed to take forever for my gasping and moaning to quiet down, for the spasms to dissipate, but it was more glorious a forever than I could have ever asked for. I didn’t want it to end without being able to give him the same kind of pleasure.

Soon, I told myself. He wanted me inside him, and I’d be able to give him that soon.

“You taste so good,” I heard Justin murmur. He laid his head down between my thigh and my belly, still close to my dick. He caressed the area around it as it relaxed, and also up around my belly.

“Justin…” I gasped, still breathing hard, “You… You are a very talented young man.”

He chuckled softly. “Anybody could have done that.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” I said. “Nobody is as loving and attentive as you are. And nobody enjoys that as much as you just did.”

He grinned and looked up at me with tired eyes. “I want my boyfriend to be happy.”

“Oh, your boyfriend is beyond happy.”

He laughed again. “Good. Then your boyfriend is happy, too.”

I sat up just a little and looked down at him. “Are you going to snuggle that thing all night, or do I get cuddles, too?”

“Well, technically I’d be snuggling you no matter what,” he teased, kissing the softening shaft, “since it’s part of you.”

“All right, come here, baby,” I grabbed him under his arms and pulled him up to lie chest to chest with me. “I like it better like this.”

Justin held me tightly as we kissed. I could taste myself on his tongue, and I loved remembering the image of him devouring my cum as though it was his favorite thing. My body twitched and warmed, tempted to prepare me for more love-making. I had to pull away from the kiss to get myself to calm down.

“I love you, Little Moon,” I whispered, resting my forehead against his.

It didn’t take long for either of us to fall asleep that night. He rested contentedly in my arms, and I was sure that he’d be having pleasant dreams. I certainly did, and I hoped that I would have many more beautiful nights like that with him.

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My Gothic Boyfriend XX

Spending Saturday with Justin’s father turned out to be time well-spent. We slept in, then met him for lunch– which he’d canceled in years past. Justin had always been nervous about whether his father would actually be there; he often called to give an excuse, but there had also been a year when he hadn’t called at all, and I spent the afternoon waiting with Justin, watching him refuse to give up on the idea that he’d be there, because he hadn’t called to cancel. He waited all the way into the evening, when his mother showed up and was finally able to call Raymond, find out what had happened, and give him an earful.

After lunch, we went shopping, and Justin’s father bought him new boots, plus a pair of Vans in navy blue suede, just so he’d have something soft. Justin tried to say that one pair was plenty, but I pointed out that his boots were stiff, and as amazing as they looked going up his calves with all those buckles, chains, and steel hoops, sometimes he had to focus on comfort. In addition to several shirts and pants, Justin found a pair of stud earrings that looked like skulls, which he wore happily for the rest of the day.

He was happy as a clam when we went out for funnel cakes with ice cream and fresh fruit. He actually ate more when he was happy, and the food in turn gave him the energy to do more and feel better. It was a huge relief to see him getting into such a positive feedback loop. It meant that he would get through this, he would heal, and he had a chance at a bright future.

We took in a movie later in the day. Justin loved going to the cinema, although he normally only went to the discount ones, and even then he’d bring his own little snacks hidden in his jacket. Sometimes Killian or I got to take him out to one of the nicer theaters for a new movie release, but he was shy about accepting such invitations. This time, however, his dad paid for the lot of us, and got the biggest tub of popcorn available, and Justin got his fill of popcorn and Red Vines.

After that, Justin wasn’t nearly hungry enough for a restaurant, so we agreed to meet the next day for breakfast and more shopping. Raymond went back to his hotel room for the night, and I took Justin back to my guest house. We watched movies– or what could be called ‘watching’ when what we really did was make out until he actually was hungry. After that, I massaged him, making sure every muscle in his lean body was relaxed. He was exhausted, but it was the kind of exhaustion that comes from excitement and joy, and his happiness lifted my own spirits.

I stayed up to read after he fell asleep. I’d brought a book of Edgar Allen Poe’s works with me, and there were still plenty of stories in it for me to read. Justin and I often read together; sometimes I read to him, enjoying the way he watched me with starry eyes as he listened to my voice, and other times we’d both read our own selections quietly, just enjoying each other’s company. He’d get excited and tell me about the scene he was on, which was as adorable as it sounds. He also liked hearing my recommendations about dark stories I’d read, and I was sure to find some in Poe’s book that evening.

Or I would have, if my grandfather hadn’t slipped out of the darkest corner of the room when I was only half-way through “The Pit and the Pendulum.” He stayed silent as he approached and beckoned me to follow him.

“I can’t go far,” I whispered after closing the book and stepping into the darkness with him.

“I know,” Grandfather said in a hushed tone. “He’ll stay asleep well enough for us to talk.”

“You mean about Mr. Corbyn?” I asked, getting straight to the point. I crossed my arms over my chest.

“Certainly,” he replied in his matter-of-fact way. “He’s been working very hard for me, Emory. I understand he hasn’t been his best in the past, but he has been making quite an effort to turn that around. I don’t know why you seem so bothered by that.”

“It’s how you went about employing him that concerns me.”

“I didn’t entrance him, Emory. He’s been wanting to do better for quite a long time; I merely gave him the opportunity nobody else would.”

I gave him a long and serious look. It wasn’t so much that I distrusted him; it was more that I knew all the ways Raymond had let his son– and his other offspring– down over the years. Ultimately, I had to admit that Grandfather wouldn’t lie to me, and he didn’t like using his abilities on people he meant to help. There was also the fact that I’d been very surprised to see Raymond change so much– and the money he’d shown up with told me that my grandfather was paying him very generously.

“I’d ask how you even found Mr. Corbyn,” I said, “but I know you have connections that you’ve developed over the years. What did you do; show up at the bar he was drinking at?”

“Essentially, yes. I saw an opportunity to speak to him when a woman rejected him, and approached him to share some kind words. We spent some time talking, I bought him some drinks, and before I left that evening, I made sure he had my business card.”

“The one that gives your name as Damien Rosenthal, rather than Thorne?”

“Of course,” he replied. “I dare not mix business and pleasure.”

Grandfather owned a few businesses on Earth; Rosenthal was one of a handful of the aliases he used to avoid drawing too much attention to himself. He made sure that he had ample wealth to look after his children, and as the generations passed, he would find ways to help his descendants without telling them everything or risking being accused of nepotism. It often involved giving the person a well-paying job, so it was easier if he didn’t always do business as Thorne. He’d find something that matched the person’s skill-set and ensure that he wasn’t creating something that seemed too good to be true.

“Grandfather… what happens if we have a family gathering, and both you and Justin’s father are invited?”

“That won’t cause any problems,” he told me. “Mr. Rosenthal looks quite different from the man whom your parents and Justin know as your grandfather.”

I nodded to show my understanding. “I think it’s safe to say at this stage of my life that I didn’t inherit that ability from you.”

“It’s better that you didn’t,” he said, his tone taking on a more remorseful quality. “It’s rarely passed down, and when it is, it doesn’t last for more than a couple generations. In fact, most of my descendants who had that gift struggled with it.”

“And the vampires?”

He thought for a moment before answering. “They handle it much better. I suppose that’s because they know what it means to be turned and accept my gifts. Still, it is rare even for the ones I sire myself.”

“Heh… Speaking of which, hasn’t it been a long time since you turned anyone?”

Grandfather nodded slowly. “It’s been… well, over a century, Emory. I’ve been looking after the younger vampires, as well as my children. I haven’t met any worth even considering turning until–”

He paused and gazed out past the shadows, back into the bedroom. My eyes widened when I saw where he was looking.

No,” I hissed. “No, you will not bring my boyfriend into this!” I was having a hard time keeping my voice down.

His gaze came back to me. “No, I did not mean to indicate that. I was just checking on him because I heard something. Emory, I know how protective you are of him. That’s why I gave his father a job; it will help not only him, but also Mr. Corbyn’s other children.”

I gave him a wary look. “I… Grandfather, I don’t know if he would survive the turning. He’s still very delicate. And then there’s that thing you said about him being hungry.”

“I would never do it without your consent,” he assured me. “What I was going to say is that you are the only one I’ve seriously considered turning for a very long time. I know you’re not sure that you’d want to join me; that’s all right.”

“Okay… Well, I don’t want to talk about that right now. The other thing I need to know is whether any of the vampires are feeding on Mr. Corbyn.”

“No. He needs his vitality, and he is still getting used to sobriety. He is safe from being preyed upon. Even if he knew that vampires were real, I would ask him not to offer himself.”

“If any of them knew he was the father of your grandson’s boyfriend…”

“They will respect my decree,” he insisted. “And before you bring up the other bloodlines, I’m not taking him off the continent. I know very well that some would pay quite a sum to taste him– if they knew who he was– and that he wouldn’t be able to resist. He’s just an employee who’s been thriving ever since he found a job he’s suited for.”

After giving him a long, wary look, I said, “Sometimes it’s hard to know whether to thank you or ask you to step away.”

“I have heard such sentiments before. Nevertheless, I hope that you can understand that there is no shame in accepting help. There is a sad trend in humans to believe that asking for, needing, or accepting help is a sign of weakness, or lacking or morals, or whatever other failing they think applies.”

“Yeah,” I sighed. “There’s help, and there’s interfering… I know Mr. Corbyn couldn’t have done this without your help.”

“He had so many disadvantages right from the start; I thought it best to put a stop to generational poverty.”

I nodded.

“Emory,” he whispered after several tense moments of silence.

I looked up at him when he took my hand, and saw a face weighed down by sorrow and regret.

“The arguments we had in the past…” He paused in an attempt to steady himself. “You were right. I should have taken you away from your father when I saw that the arguments didn’t stop, when you cried when he entered the room. The way you clung to me… I should have whisked you away to my castle.”

I narrowed my eyes at him; why was he bringing this up now? “Kidnapping me would have broken my mother’s heart.”

“The way she was being hurt by him, she would have adapted to coming with us. She would have found happiness another man… and she wouldn’t ha–”

“Stop,” I snapped. I didn’t want to hear him talk about what could have happened, especially in relation to my mother. “It happened the way it happened, and you voicing your regrets won’t change anything.”

“I thought only to show that I care.”

“By suggesting a course of action that would have kept me from meeting Justin?”

“I know that you wouldn’t change the love you have now,” he replied, “but at the time you said it, you were right. And long before you met Justin, you deserved to be shielded from–”

“You can’t undo these scars,” I reminded him, turning so that he could get a better view of my back, where the thicker scars were. He’d seen them many times before, but I wasn’t afraid to remind him. “You promised to teach me an ability that would make use of them, so focus on following through with that instead of things that can’t be changed.”
There was a long pause before he said anything. “Of course, Emory.” Grandfather looked between me and Justin. “I’ll let you go to bed and keep your beloved warm. I only came to assure you that Mr. Corbyn is safe working with me, and to remind you how much you are treasured.”


Sunday was a pleasant enough day. Justin and I spent time with his father, and then his mother wanted to see him for a while before we met back with Mr. Corbyn for dinner. Monday, on the other hand, was a busy day. Justin’s father came with us to the hospital for his appointment. He got his next nutritional supplement bag started, then went in for another therapy session.

After that, Raymond went with us to the high school so that Justin could withdraw. We probably could have taken care of it ourselves, but he felt better having a parent with him just in case the office staff gave him any trouble. Ms. Anderson was going to be the one to be there, but since Raymond actually came as he’d promised, and she had to work, she let him do it.

Raymond and I carried the bags of textbooks as Justin led us to the office. The main receptionist looked over the rim of her glasses at him as he approached the counter.

“What can I help you with?” she asked, already annoyed that she’d been distracted from her work on the computer.

He explained that he’d com to withdraw, and she pulled up his file and sighed.

“You’re not going to try to graduate?”

“I will, just from a different school… and in my own time. I have to focus on my health.”

The receptionist looked over at Mr. Corbyn. “Are you the father? Are you letting him do this?”

“He’s eighteen now,” he reminded her. “he can do what he thinks is best for him.”

She looked back at the computer, then picked up the phone and dialed the principal, as though she needed his clearance to continue with the withdrawal. Finally, she pulled out a form for him to fill out.

“Did you even try to get anything done?” she asked as she looked at the textbooks he was turning in and saw all the blank worksheets.

That was when Mr. Corbyn stood up and approached the counter. “He did try, actually,” he told her in as even a tone as he could manage, “but he was so traumatized by the way he was attacked– by three boys bigger than him, let me remind you– that he couldn’t. Nobody here would listen when he explained his side of the story, and you’re still acting uncaring even though his mother informed you that he was in the hospital. I would appreciate it if you could just let him finish the paperwork so we can get out of your hair.”

“Sir, I’m just saying that he won’t get a diploma if he doesn’t–”

“That’s not your concern anymore. You didn’t care about my son when he was attacked, so don’t worry about whether or not he wrote on some papers.”


“No, I don’t want to hear you criticize my son anymore. Let’s finish this so I can enjoy my time with him and not look for a lawyer specializing in protecting the rights of gay students.”

Justin stared up at his father in awe. Raymond wasn’t shouting, but he was stern. He even sounded a little more professional than I remembered him; it seemed that his on-the-job training was doing him a lot of good. The receptionist didn’t say anything more to them. She accepted the completed form from Justin, processed the withdrawal, and gave him the paperwork showing he’d been withdrawn and owed nothing more to the school. She even made extra copies when Raymond asked for them.

We left the office quietly and didn’t speak until we were back in the car.

“Wow…” Raymond said, exhaling heavily. “That school is a pile of crap. Justin, I’m sorry. I know my words can’t change things, but…”

“It’s okay, Dad.”

“It’s not okay, though. I should have done better. I should have found this job sooner, so I could help your mom pay the rent and stay in Portland for you to graduate.”

Justin looked to me, searching for what he was supposed to say or do.

“My grandfather would say that you can’t change the past, so instead of criticizing yourself, focus on making the present and the future better.”

Raymond made a weak smile. “You’re a smart ki– a smart young man, Emory. I’m just… I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you’ve been there for him.”

“I’ve always been able to count on him, Dad,” Justin told him before I could speak.

There was so much pride and affection in that statement; I couldn’t hold back from blushing.

“I’m always happy to help,” I said.

“That’s fantastic,” Mr. Corbyn said. “Look, I don’t get to see Justin very often, so I’m just going to come right out and ask: are you two going to stay together? As a couple, you know? Live together and all that.”

Justin gave me a doe-eyed look that would have melted my heart if I hadn’t already made my decision weeks ago.

“Yes.” I had to start with that; Justin looked like his heart would stop if he didn’t get an immediate answer. “I’ll be with him for as long as he puts up with me.”

Justin chuckled and shook his head. “I’d say you more than put up with me.” Then he looked to his father. “We fell in love, Dad. We’re best friendsand boyfriends, and maybe…” His cheeks turned bright red.

Raymond smiled and ruffled his hair. “It’s good to see you happy, son. And listen: I promise to keep working hard and get even better at helping out. I know it’s late, but I’m gonna be there for you from now on, okay?”

“Yeah, okay, Dad.” Justin nodded.

Raymond pulled Justin into his arms and hugged him tightly. They spoke in hushed tones for a while, and I gave them all the time they needed. After a while, they both had to dry their eyes.

“All right, son, how’s that med-pack treating you? are you up for some shopping, or do you need to eat first?”

“It’s great,” Justin replied with a faint laugh. Raymond had decided that morning to call his intravenous nutrition supplement a ‘med-pack,’ and Justin actually liked it. It felt like I was finally seeing the father he should have been all along. “We can go shopping first and eat after.”

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My Gothic Boyfriend XIX

This chapter is NSFW, with graphic descriptions of adult content.

As I released the silk tie, I turned my back to him and let him watch the fabric slide down my back and off my arms. I pulled my hair over my shoulders so that he could see my muscles and backside better. When it was low enough, I took one arm from its sleeve and grasped the other side so it wouldn’t fall to the floor, then hung the robe on its peg. Justin was still watching me, transfixed, as I turned to walk back to him, hands at my sides so he could see everything.

“You’re so gorgeous,” he choked out.

I laid down next to him. “I’m glad my body pleases you.” Then I kissed his forehead and settled in among the pillows, lying on my side. “Have you done this side-by-side before? It’s a little more comfortable this way.”

Justin nodded and turned so that his legs were up by the pillows, his face near my lap. We adjusted ourselves to get aligned better, and I reached my arm between his legs, to the small of his back, and pulled him closer.

“Oh– Blackthorne, wow!” he cried before I had a chance to get him back in my mouth.

“What is it, sweet prince?”

“You– you’re huge!” he said, craning is head up to look at me.

I chuckled. “I thought you noticed that earlier.”

“Yeah, but– You– Blackthorne, this thing is even bigger than it felt through your pants.”

His hand ran up and down the length of my erection, as though checking that it really was that big. He had me gasping, puling in sharp breaths as the pleasure flowed through me.

“Gentle, Little Moon… slow down… Ohhhh, your hands feel good! Listen, it’s bigger now because there’s nothing to restrict it. What you said about me being a grower was pretty accurate.” I caressed his own erection, hoping to refocus him on what we were there to do. “And judging by how much you’ve been leaking since realizing my full size, you really like it.”

He laughed. “Of course I do. You’ve heard me talking about what I like before. But, um… Mine isn’t nearly as big. I’m not sure if–”

“Little Moon, you are the perfect size for me,” I told him. “I don’t think I could handle something as big as what I have.”

“You’d work up to it,” he replied, “just like I did.”

I smirked and shook my head. “I only want this one,” I told him right before giving it several licks and kisses, and then taking all of it into my mouth.

Justin gasped and wriggled until I gripped his hips tighter. Once he settled down, he took my shaft in one hand and my balls in the other. “Oh man, Blackthorne, they’re so big!”

“Gentle, Little Moon,” I reminded him. “I’m not ready to empty them just yet. Go slow.”

Justin kissed around my balls, up my shaft, chuckling now and then and muttering that my dick was big, or how thick it was, or how I was so wet that droplets were already flooding outside my foreskin. I let him do as he pleased; he needed time to get used to what I had to offer and let his nervousness dissipate and give way to pleasure. When he finally pulled back the skin and tasted the head, it was such a relief that I could have melted.

“Y– my prince, that’s perfect. I– Ooohh, slow down, baby… easy– Oh!”

I slid my fingers into his hair and gripped him gently to remind him to go easy on me. Justin did slow down, and he focused on giving me tender kisses and sensual licks, just as I have to him. Once we’d settled in a little more, he started working his lips down my shaft. I was so busy playing with him, enjoying the salty drops of precum I got from tonguing his slit, that I didn’t realize how much he’d taken in until he’d swallowed more than half my dick.

“Oh, my prince,” I groaned, reaching down to grasp his chin gently, “you’re so good at what you do.”

He mumbled something and tried to continue taking me in.

“Little Moon, you need to stop. Don’t try to deep-throat me just yet.”

Justin whimpered and teased his tongue along the bottom of my shaft.

“Mmmmm… That does feel wonderful, my love, but if you push yourself too far, and you throw up all that delicious food, that won’t help us, will it?”

Justin slowly slid off and looked up at me. “You taste really good.”

I gave him an affectionate smile. “Let’s keep it that way, okay?”

He thought for a moment, not entirely pleased to have to take it easy, but he eventually nodded. “I’m going to swallow the whole thing someday, Blackthorne,” he insisted.

“I believe you,” I said with a grin, “and I look forward to it. For now…” I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the lubricant, “how about you focus on getting me ready to take you in?”

Justin accepted the lube from me and gave me a coy look before spreading my legs further open and disappearing between them. I felt his tongue licking down my balls, his lips kissing the delicate skin behind them, and his hands exposing places that were normally kept hidden. He didn’t stop kissing either, and when that got the moans he wanted from me, he squirmed even further down to lick me and tease my skin with his teeth. That put him too far away for me to keep his dick in my mouth, so I had to content myself with massaging his backside while he leaked all over my belly.

“Oohh… My beloved prince, you… you’re…”

He plunged his tongue into me, and for several minutes I could not speak, and was left to make incoherent sounds. When he finally came up for air, he grinned at me and rolled me onto my back.

“Wow, Blackthorn, that got you really wet!” he said as he admired the precum freely leaking from my tip.”

“Mmm-hmm…” I agreed dreamily. I grabbed the water bottle on the night stand and drank deeply before handing it to him. “It’s not going to be all that hard to get me to cum, Little Moon. It’s been a long, long time.”

Justin grinned and finished off the water before sitting on my lap. His steel-hard dick brushed alongside mine, making me whimper. His arms wrapped around my shoulders and his legs around my waist, and kissed me. We didn’t stop kissing for a long time, and by then we were breathless, and the way he was spreading both our precum all over each other and stroking me, I was worried I was going to cum before he was even inside me.

“Blackthorne, he gasped, his voice needy, almost desperate, “I’m so close… I just want to sink my body down onto you.”

“Oh, my naughty prince,” I said as he laid more kisses on my skin. “You’ve got it backwards.”

“I can take it, though.” he insisted, practically whining.

“I know you think so… and you will, in time. But I won’t let you act subservient to me. We are equals; you don’t have to serve for my pleasure no matter how much I take care of you.”

“But I want it.”

“Give it time,” I soothed, rubbing his shoulders to comfort him. “Please… I want to be made love to.”

My words seemed to flick a switch in Justin. He kissed me again, more passionately, stroking us both. I managed to pull him off of my lap and place him next to me. I handed him the lube again as a reminder, and placed a pillow under my lower back.

“You need me that badly?” he asked.

I nodded. “If I could put words to what you’ve done to my heart, Little Moon, I would serenade you all evening. As it is, all I can do is beg you to make our bodies as one.”

Justin gave me a sultry smile. “Wow… you’ve got it bad.”

“So do you, beloved, I said. “Please, Little Moon, don’t make me beg.”

“Maybe I should,” he teased. “You look incredible, Blackthorne, lying there, dripping, wanting me in your body.”

“Love me,” I told him. “Touch me, kiss me, merge with me… Anything you want, Little Moon, as long as I can feel your love.”

He was grinning from ear to ear. I didn’t care though; he was slicking his fingers with lube and reaching down between my legs, just as I wanted. He also squirted a little onto my waiting hole, knowing that we would need plenty of it. The he grabbed me, and kissed me hard as his fingers massaged around the tight muscle. His tongue danced with mine as though trying to taste the precum I’d licked from him, and then he delved deeper, moaning into the kiss, needing more and more from me.

The moment his first finger slipped inside was glorious. I broke our kiss, gasping, and then the gasp turned to a moan, and bore down on his finger.

“More,” I begged breathlessly.

“Already? I just got in,” he told me. “You’re really tight, Blackthorne. Are you… have you ever…”

I understood what he meant when he turned red again. “I would love for you to be the first man inside me, Little Moon, but I can’t lie to you. It’s tight because it’s been a long time. It’ll stretch, beloved, just keep working at it.”

“A long time, huh?” he grinned as he slowly pushed in deeper and then pulled back. “Is that because your partners would rather have your massive dick inside them?”

“Mmmmm, you’re being a naughty prince now.”

“You don’t think I’m being a good boy?” he teased, working his finger in and out of me more.

I grabbed Justin and pulled him in for more kisses. “I’ll let you know how good you are when you give me more,” I groaned. I no longer cared how needy I sounded.

Justin pulled out so that only his fingertip remained inside me, and when he pushed back in, I could feel a second finger joining it. I hissed at the slight burn, then breathed through it until my muscles relaxed. I wanted my body to accept him, to welcome him, and once he was done with me that night, to yearn to have him again.

“Yes… ooohh, deeper, my prince…”

“Already?” he whispered. “I can hardly move.”

“I used to– used to… used… oh, yes, keep pushing!”

“What were you saying?”

“I… mmmmm, that’s good. I used to get treated to this several times a week. He– Oh, prince!”

Justin had pushed both fingers all the way in, and was now massaging the passageway. It felt incredible– electric, sensual, powerful. He had full control over my body with just those two fingers. He buried his face in my neck, kissing and biting my skin as I laid back and let him do as he pleased.

“Hmmm… several times a week? Who was that?”

I felt my face go hotter, and I looked away.

“Right… we don’t kiss and tell. I think I know who it was, but he said he was going over to your place to study.”

“We did study,” I moaned, feeling it get easier and easier for my body to let him in. “Both… mmmmm, yeah, keep doing that. We– we studied our books, and then each other.”

“I get it: getting nailed by him was your reward for helping him study.”

“More like he helped m– Oh, f– Justin, you know just what to do!” I groaned. He was moving faster now, and I’d be ready for another finger soon.

“Of course I do,” he replied, grinning. “I’ve done this enough that I know how to get you nice and supple. When I’m done, my dick will slide into you like silk. So… did he take you, too, or did you only get it from him?”

“So many questions, and so few fingers!”

“Yeah, well… hearing about my boyfriend’s exploits is pretty hot. Did he have a hard time taking your battering ram?”

That comparison had me cracking up laughing. He grinned proudly at having been able to make me do that, then leaned down to lick and suck my nipples to get be back into a sensual mindset.

“He was fairly big himself. Not like me, but…”

“Bigger than me?”

I flushed. “Well… yes, but as I said earlier, I like your size. I don’t seek out big dicks like you do.”

“The bigger the better, he said, wiggling his eyebrows, “and you’re absolutely magnificent.”

“It’s like we were made for each other,” I told him. “But back then, we had a fairly even exchange going on. Sometimes we only got each other off, other times it was oral. We practiced stretching each other until we could have sex without it hurting us.”

“Why did you guys stop seeing each other?”

“You don’t remember? He was a year ahead of me, and he graduated and went off to some ivy-league school.”

“Really? How did you guys have class together then?”

“I took AP chemistry as a junior. It was the only way I could take the courses I wanted as a senior the next year.”

“Oh yeah, you got ready for that stuff early. Meanwhile, I barely even passed regular chemistry.”

“That’s okay, Little Moon. The chemistry between us is what’s important.”

Then it was his turn to crack up. “If you’re able to still make puns, I’m not doing a good enough job down here.” Justin pulled his fingers out slowly. “I am going to make you senseless, right on the edge of cumming. You’re going to be begging to have my dick in you soon.”

“Is that a threat or a promise?”

Justin chuckled again, and shook his head. He helped place my heels up next to my backside, then spread my knees apart. When he was satisfied with the position he’d put me in, he added more lube to his fingers, and when he slid them back inside me, there were three. “Are you still okay?”

I nodded and let my eyes close dreamily. “Much better… we’re getting closer to what I really want.”

“Oh really? You think my dick is thicker than three fingers?” he asked as he kissed up my belly and chest.

“I don’t care,” I moaned. “I want you. Stretch me, Little Moon, and then make love to me.”

Justin worked those three fingers in and out of me, pushing in deeper each time. It felt wonderful to be opened up again after so long; I had to focus on kissing him in order to keep from rushing through the preparations. The urge to stroke myself was intense, but I worried that if I did, I would cum before he was in me– and if I stroked him, he might cum before I could let him take my body. I contented myself with playing with his nipples.

“Want another finger?” he asked after several minutes of kissing.

I shook my head. “I’m ready for you, beloved prince.”

He smiled, both nervous and excited. “Okay… umm… should I coat myself in lube, or–“

“Get up here and let me get you all wet,” I commanded him.

That had him excited. His hand slid out of me slowly, and he wiped the excess lube off using the washcloth I handed him. Then I wasted no time in grabbing his hips and guiding him up my torso. Just like earlier that day, he was practically sitting on my face. I wanted to take my time again, to revel in his scent and explore his beautiful expanses of skin, but I felt my body’s need for us to merge become more desperate. I took Justin’s dick into my mouth and drank down the precum greedily before focusing on coating it in saliva.

“Oh g– Blackthorne, you’re going to get another mouthful of cum if you keep that up,” he groaned. His fingers were in my hair, holding the back of my head, as ready to let me swallow him as he was to help me focus on what he knew I so desperately wanted.

I released him from my mouth, making sure to leave it soaking wet. “Little Moon…” I breathed, meeting his eyes, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” he whispered as he moved back down between my legs.

“Make love to me, my prince,” I ordered him, knowing that he wanted it just as badly. “Fill me, become one with me, share your essence with me.”

Justin kissed the insides of my thighs and gazed down at the opening that laid ready for him. He looked back up at me as he positioned himself just right. “I love you more then I’ve loved anyone else Blackthorne, he gasped, and I felt the tip of his dick slide into me. His head fell back, and he moaned loudly.

“Keep going, beloved,” I moaned. “Give me all of it.”

He sank in deeper, eager for more yet careful not to rush. He moaned as he pushed, and gripped my legs tightly. “Fu– You’re really tight, Blackthorne. I know I stretched you, but it’s like I stretched a virgin.” He stilled himself, gripping tighter as he strained not to cum right then.

“I’m so happy to see you enjoying it. Please my love… Mmm… yeah, baby, show me what you like to do.”

Justin leaned in for more kisses, and in doing so, pushed the rest of the way into me. His pelvis pressed against my backside, eager to merge with me that last little bit more. “You’re gripping me like a vice,” he groaned. “I can hardly move.”

“Take your time, Little moon,” I whispered. I massaged his shoulders, and he kissed me again.

Justin lifted my knees to push them up and back and get more access. His hands hooked under the backs of my knees to hold me as he began to slowly pull back. It felt like just millimeters at first, then he pushed back in. I could feel his shaft pulsing rapidly inside me, beating in time with his pounding heart. He was incredibly hard, and I felt privileged to get to have him inside me. He pulled back again, just a little more this time, and then all the way in.

I couldn’t speak. I could only gasp and moan and sing his praises. He was so beautiful, looking down at me lovingly, wanting to give me everything I could ask for. Justin was moaning, too. He shook, trying to control himself, to work up a good rhythm so that we could both enjoy the pleasure longer. Meanwhile, I stroked myself slowly, spreading my precum down my shaft to make it easier.

“You’re really tight,” he whimpered. His pace was slowly increasing, but he was on edge. “Oh Blackthorne, if I thought I had it in me tonight, I’d cum right now, and stay in you to do it again and again.”

His words had me leaking even more. Once he said it, I wanted that more than I ever could have imagined. My body was his for the taking, and I wanted to be taken so many times.

“It’s okay…” I gasped. “I love you. Do whatever y– ooooohh yes, Little Moon, harder!– anything you want.”

“When I… When I get stronger, you’re really gonna feel it.”

“I feel it now, baby,” I moaned. “I feel your love. Yeah… yeah, baby… yeeaahhh…”

All words left me again; they disappeared among the waves of pleasure as he made love to me. His rhythm was steady and sure, every stroke blissful. I could hear the ecstasy in his voice as he glided across the edge of pleasure. Every inward thrust threatened to push him over the edge, to make him burst, and he had to exert control each time; he wouldn’t be able to maintain that for long.

Neither would I, if I’m being quite honest. His thrusts were hitting my prostate, and it had been so long since I’d had that pleasure, I wanted to cum every time. I was leaking terribly, but I wanted to keep hearing the beautiful song of his pleasured cries. I called his name and begged him to keep going, to enjoy me, to take whatever he wanted from me.

He did all of those things, but then he also leaned in to share long, needful kisses with me. His tongue filled my mouth just as his dick pierced me. His hands caressed my chest, then scratched up to my shoulders and neck. We moved together, waves of pleasure flowing back and forth between us, kissing and moaning and thrusting.

I screamed when he clawed my back; it was exhilarating, just like the first time he’d scratched me. He devoured my neck at the same time, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much more; I was going to explode– to unleash what had been building up inside me for weeks. When he lifted his head to look into my eyes, to check on how I was doing, I realized then, as his love flooded through me and he never stopped thrusting, that he was my one.

Justin wasn’t just my treasure, my prince; he was the one to whom I could tell every thought and secret that I had. Not only that, but he would love me even more. No matter what I told him, he would still want to lie with me, to join in bliss, to be held by me. Justin had complete trust in me. Our love suffused and bonded us both. Even if we could never make love again, he would remain by my side. He would look after me just as I looked after him. My grandfather was right: this was my soul-mate.

“Justin…” I moaned. I was certain that whatever he was doing to my neck was going to leave a mark, and I didn’t care. “I love you so much.”

I didn’t want him to ever stop, but there were things that I suddenly needed very badly from him.

“Please… baby, please…” I begged.

Justin lifted his head to meet my eyes again. “You feel so good, Blackthorne.”

“So do you– my prince…” I could hardly breathe enough to form words. “Please… keep marking me. Lay claim to me. I am yours.”

“You want to be marked?” he repeated, his tone lascivious. His fingers caressed my chest.

“Y-yes,” I gasped. “Mark me, claim me. Make me know that I belong to you.”

“Does that mean you want it harder?”

“It means I love you!” I screamed. “It means I need to be loved and desired by you. Please, my prince…. please take me!”

“Mmm… it does something to me when you talk like that.”

“Good. Do it to me, too.”

“Mmmmmm… I will, Blackthorne… as much as you want.”

“I– need to cum, Little Moon. I can’t… I… please… Make me yours!”

And he did. Justin dove down to the other side of my neck, where he bit down hard. I screamed, and he responded by thrusting his dick into me even harder, and while I was crying out from that, he bit the hollow of my neck, and then lower, down to my nipples. My hips bucked, meeting his thrusts, desperate to give myself to him, to give him whatever he needed in order to cum.

“Blackthorne…” he gasped. “Blackthorne, I love you. I want– I need… need you for forever.”

“Yes, Little Moon,” I cried as my body tensed. “Claim me… I am yours!”

“Forever,” he repeated.

“Yes, my prince,” I gasped, “forever.”

I felt the heat of his cum pouring into me. He could hardly make a sound at first, the way his body spasmed. He pushed himself as deep into me as he could go, trying to catch his breath every time his dick pulsed with another spurt of cum. When he finally could breathe, he was loud; he screamed my name and dozens of things that I could hardly make out. His passion set me off, and I, too, let loose streams of white cream. My cum coated his chest and dripped back down to mine in sticky drops.

My vision blurred as the intensity of that orgasm wracked my body. My throat burned from my cries, but I didn’t care. I had been claimed, subdued by my one and only true love. My prince desired me, filled me, needed me. when I could see more clearly, the sight before me was intensely beautiful, but also arousing. Justin had let me lay my feet back on the bed, and was resting his palms on my knees to balance himself. He was exhausted, his hair slick with sweat, his face red, his chest white and dripping.

“You look incredible,” I whispered.

Justin breathed hard for a few minutes. He struggled to catch his breath, but I let him take his time. He refused the water I offered him, not yet ready to try drinking if he could hardly breathe. Eventually, those beautiful brown eyes looked at me, and he smiled.

“Wow…” he gasped, still breathless.

I look down at myself, trying to take in what he was seeing, then grinned back up at him. “Yeah, I really covered us in it, didn’t I?”

Justin tried to laugh. He nodded. “Bla… Blackthorne.”

“Don’t try talking yet,” I murmured. “I’m so proud of you, Little Moon. That… I don’t even know how to put words to what we did. That was better than anything I’ve ever done before– and I have had plenty of positive experiences.”

“Yeah… I…” He swallowed hard.

“You should lie down, sweet prince. As much as I still want you inside me, you’ve worn yourself out.”

I help him pull out and kept him steady as I turned him around and laid him on his back. I kissed his cheek and rested on my side next to him. After a few minutes, he calmed down enough to take a few sips of water, and I felt safe in getting up to get some fresh washcloths to help wipe us both down.

Justin was very drowsy, but he fought to stay awake long enough for me to bring him some blueberry juice and a thin slice of cake. Then he snuggled up next to me and closed his eyes. He was so precious when he slept; so tiny and innocent and vulnerable. It made me want to watch over him– to protect him– so much more.

Whereas Justin was out like a light, I had a much harder time getting to sleep that night. I kept thinking that Grandfather was going to call me, or perhaps show up in a dark corner of the room. Eventually, I told myself that he’d never shown up unannounced after I’d been making love before. He respected that aspect of my privacy, and he seemed to respect Justin as well. Knowing that, I eventually drifted off into dreams.

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My Gothic Boyfriend XVIII

This chapter is NSFW.

Even before we left the party, I was tempted to step outside to call my grandfather. I hadn’t told Raymond how I knew about the Midnight Rose Entertainment Company, and I certainly wasn’t going to do so. I’d almost not said that I knew anything about it at all, but with Ms. Anderson laying into him about the money, I had to assure her that the job was legitimate– at least, insofar as he understood it. The problem was, if I called my grandfather, Justin would probably come looking for me and overhear the conversation, and I didn’t want to worry him.

So I stayed by Justin’s side while we were at his aunt’s house. We had root beer floats, played with the robotic dragon, and played a couple video games with Raymond. When it was almost time to go, Justin found a safe spot for his lock box on a high shelf in his closet. He put a little of the money from it into his wallet, placed one of the keys on his key-chain, and let his mother hold onto the other one for now. His aunt put the leftover spaghetti and meatballs into some plastic containers for him, and also gave him some foil-wrapped garlic bread, some of the cake, and one of the bottles of root beer to take back to my place.

Raymond walked us out to the car, and Justin gave him several more hugs before getting into the passenger seat.

“So we’ll meet for lunch tomorrow, right?” Raymond asked.

Justin nodded eagerly. Raymond had gotten leave to be in town for about a week in order to spend time with his son. Mr. Rosenthal held family in very high regard, and would have given Raymond a whole month of paid family leave if it wouldn’t have aroused suspicions. Justin’s dad liked seeing that I was a good friend to his son, so I was invited to tag along as they went shopping, took in a movie, and had meals together. He even wanted to take Justin to his doctor’s appointment on Monday.

For the rest of that night, though, it would be just me and Justin together. Once we’d said our last good-byes, I drove down the street, and he put his new CD into the car stereo. After a few turns, he noticed that I was heading towards the store instead of going straight to my place.

“What do we need?” he asked excitedly.

I tried not to blush as I replied, “Do you still want to make love to me later?”

He took my hand and leaned in as close as he safely could. “As many times as you want me to,” he said, making his voice low and sensual.

I grinned, but kept my eyes on the road. “I’m glad to hear that, Little Moon.” I squeezed his hand gently before moving it back to the steering wheel. “We’ll need a thing or two, though. I don’t usually keep supplies on hand unless I know there’s a chance of needing them.”

“You mean condoms?” Justin asked me.

I parked the car and turn to smile at him. “I was actually thinking about lube, but it’s good that you brought this up. I would never say ‘no’ to either of us using a condom, my love, but since we’ve both been tested recently, and everything came back clear, I’m also okay with not using them.”

Justin thought for a moment, his expression showing that he was thinking a great many things. “So… I only do that when I’m in a committed relationship. I should have brought it up earlier, but I knew we were clean, and you were so hungry for me.”

I turned and took his hands, looking straight into his eyes. “Beloved prince, if you have any doubts that I am committed entirely to you, let me shed them now. I am in love with you. My life changed the moment you said you were falling in love with me, and my heart feels like it has grown a thousand-fold. I want to be with you for as long as you will have me.”

His smile brightened. He grabbed my shoulders to pull me in for a long, needy kiss. “I love you, too,” he gasped when he needed air. “And I want to be fully committed to you.”

I smiled and caressed his cheeks. “You know just what to say to make me happy, don’t you?”

“I might,” he chuckled, and he laid his hand on mine and kissed my palm. “Now let’s get some lube. and some blueberries. Oh, and maybe a movie!”

Justin hopped out of the car, his excitement evident as I followed him to the store.

About an hour later, we were back at my place and had gotten everything put away. Justin wanted another shower, but it turned out to be more of an excuse to get me out of my clothes than anything else. Once we were clean and in our robes, Justin put on the DVD he’d gotten, which was an anime about vampires. He’d gotten a slice of blueberry cheesecake at the store, and I brought him that along some fresh blueberries. Then I sat down with him and snacked on my own bowl of green tea ice cream.

We were less than half-way through the movie when Justin’s interests turned from eating to kissing me. He whispered sweet praises to me in between kisses, and I soon shared my own compliments for him. He slid a hand into my robe to caress my chest, and I massaged his shoulders.

“Do you have any idea how many times I’ve gotten hard just from kissing you in the past couple weeks?” he asked me, his voice soft and breathless.

“I have no idea,” I admitted in between laying kisses down his neck. “Is it more or less than forty-two?”

“Uuuummmm…” He sounded like he was trying not to break into laughter, but rather stay focused on kissing. “Probably a lot more. We make out at least three times a day, don’t we?”

“Usually,” I agreed, pulling the robe off one shoulder to kiss his soft, pale skin. “But you were very good at keeping your erections secret before today.”

“Yeah…” His voice was shaking; he was excited, but probably a little nervous.

I got up from the chair, lifting him in my arms, and carried him over to the bed, where I laid him down tenderly. He looked so small, watching me with those doe-like eyes and waiting for what I would do next. I sat on the edge of the bed and leaned over to untie the sash holding his robe shut, then pushed the silk off to either side. He hadn’t put anything on under his robe, leaving his erection exposed for me.

“You’re so beautiful,” I told him as I stared at his body in wonder. Then I looked back up to meet his eyes. “Little Moon… I want to thank you… For being patient with me. And for being brave enough to tell me you were falling in love. And for finding the strength to get stronger even when everything seemed to be going wrong.”

“You made it easier,” he replied. “I don’t know if I could have gotten this far without you, Blackthorne.”

I smiled and kissed down his chest and belly. He giggled as my long hair tickled his skin, then pushed it back so he could watch me kiss even further down. He smelled of my soap, my cologne… of me. But also of musk; he was excited again, and between his scent and my memories of earlier that day, my own excitement grew. I was tempted to lie down and pull him onto my face again– him being small enough for me to put him where I wanted him was unexpectedly arousing– but he looked so sweet lying there and letting me kiss him and massage his legs.

“Loving you is the greatest thing I could have done with my life, my prince.” I breathed deeply of the musk between his legs before drawing my tongue around the delicate skin of his balls, grinning at the way it made him tremble. “In all the ways I have loved you, I have never regretted or begrudged being there for you. And I never will.”

“You say the sweetest things,” Justin whispered. It was hard for him to talk with the way I was licking further down. “I don’t know what to say that would be as beautiful as the way you talk to me.”

I pushed his thighs open gently, then kissed the soft creases between them before sitting up a little. “I don’t need fancy words, Little Moon. I just want to know that you love me, and to hear you cry my name when I make you feel good.”

“I– I can do that,” he murmured.

That made me grin. “I look forward to it,” I said before lowering my face back down between his legs. I cupped his backside and lifted his hips a little so that I could lick and kiss even further down. He gasped and moaned as I went down, then yelped when I nibbled just a little on a fleshy expanse I found.

“Blackthorne, what are you doing down there?”

I peeked up at him. “I know you’ve had things like this done to you,” I told him. “Am I being gentle enough?”

He nodded.” Yeah, but if you keep doing that, I’m going to cum, and it’ll probably get all over your face and hair.”

“Will it?” I moved up a little higher to kiss his belly. “You keep talking about that… maybe I should let you.”

“Blackthorne…” he whispered. His belly expanded and contracted rapidly as I kissed back down to between his thighs. “If I do that, I’ll be too tired to make love to you tonight.”

“Not if we get creative,” I teased. “I could have you make love to me, and when you’re about to cum, pull out and spray it on my face.”

Justin flushed and averted his eyes. “I– ah, Blackthorne, I, uummm… I don’t think I have the self-control for that yet.”

“Did Killian ever let you cum on his face?” I teased

“Blackthorne!” He turned even redder.

“It’s okay, nice boys don’t kiss and tell.”

“I was very gentle with him,” Justin told me. “He was a complete virgin, remember?”

“I do. I’m really happy you were so good to him… and that we don’t have to avoid mentioning him.”

Justin nodded. He’d come to terms with the fact that their relationship hadn’t had a clean ending; there was nothing he could do to change it, short of going back to Portland, so he focused instead on the present and getting stronger. We weren’t comparing our relationship to prior ones, but sharing experiences and talking opening about our sexuality.

“Should I be gentle with you?” he asked. “Then again, you liked it when I scratched your back and pulled your hair.”

“I like all the ways you touch me, Little Moon.” I caressed his belly and thighs, loving his soft skin and his eagerness. “And I love touching you.”

I lowered my head to kiss around the base of his erection, then up the solid shaft. Justin gasped and twitched, his body very sensitive to my touch. As I neared the tip, I could already smell the earthy musk of his precum.

“Look how wet you are,” I murmured, pulling back the foreskin to reveal the glistening head. “We almost don’t need lube to get this inside me.”

Justin shuddered as I licked circles around it and sucked the thick fluid out of the slit. He moaned louder as my lips started to slide down around him, then grabbed a fistful of my hair.

“Wait,” he gasped. “If you’re going to suck mine again, I want to taste yours, too.”

I raised my head and gave him a lascivious grin. “You want me in your mouth?”

“Yeah,” he said. “And take your robe off.”

“Oh, you want everything off, do you?”

I sat up and got off the bed. Justin slid his robe off and handed it to me. When I went to hang it up, I also turned on my stereo and connected it with my phone via Bluetooth. I put on the playlist Justin had helped me build and gave him a knowing grin.

“Take it off,” he said again.

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My Gothic Boyfriend XVII

He didn’t sleep for long, though. His growling stomach roused him, and he looked up at me with wide, shining eyes. “Blackthorne,” he murmured.

“Beloved prince,” I whispered, smiling and kissing the top of his head.

“Did I fall asleep?” he asked drowsily.

“You did, my love. You were smiling so sweetly in your sleep, too.”

He blushed, then sat up a little. “Oh my gosh, I’m Sorry Blackthorne, I didn’t mean to do that! I was going to–”

He was reaching down to my pants, but I took his wrist before he could touch me. “Don’t worry about a thing, Little Moon,” I assured him. “I don’t need you to reciprocate.”

“Re– what?”

“Today is all for you,” I explained. “I don’t expect you to do for me what I did for you.”


His stomach growled again.

“No, Little Moon. It’s time for lunch.”

“Blackthorne, I really want to!”

“You’re a treasure,” I said with a chuckle, “but not right now. My erection went down, anyway.”

“Does it hurt, though?” He was genuinely worried about me.

“Not at all, my love. I was nowhere near the point where I needed to finish.”

“I’m sorry,” he whimpered.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for,” I replied. “I wanted to do that for you, and it had just the effect I wanted it to.”


“Don’t be so sad, Little Moon. I want your birthday to be wonderful.”

“Making you cum, too, would be wonderful,” he whispered.

I grinned at him. “Is that so?”

He nodded eagerly.

“If that is what you want, how can I deny you? But you’ll have to wait until tonight.”

“But the party is tonight!”

“Yes, and after we have dinner at your aunt’s house and spend time with your family, we’ll go back to my place.”

He grinned widely. “I better not get too full at dinner, then.”

“Oh, you get to stuff yourself on spaghetti and cake,” I told him.


“I almost want to keep you wondering why,” I told him as I got up from the blanket and started giving Justin his clothes. “You’re cute when you’re trying to figure out the surprise.”

“But it’s my birthday!” he insisted playfully.

“So it is, Little Moon.” I got my shirt back on and stepped over to my car. “And that’s why I’ll tell you what I want.”

I got into my car, grabbed the basket of food, and brought it back to the blanket. Justin was now dressed and watching me eagerly. He got into the basket before I had a chance to completely sit down.

“I’m so hungry!” he said as he took out his sandwich and fruit bowl.

“I’m sure you are,” I said. I found a spoon and fork so that he could eat his berries, offered him some chips, and then got started on eating.

“So,” Justin said after he’d wolfed down half his food, “what are we going to do later?”

“Well… once we leave here, we can go to my place until it’s time to go to your aunt’s, maybe watch a movie.”

“No, after that!”

“Well, we get to see your dad…” I went on, pretending to be thinking hard on the matter.


“I’m giving you my present.”

“You know that’s not what I mean.”

I chuckled again. “When we go back to my place?”

He nodded eagerly.

“You’ll probably be exhausted by then,” I noted. “You’ll fall right to sleep.”

Justin scooted over next to me. “No I won’t. You’ll have to help me use up all my energy.”

“Well, I should be able to find a way to do that,” I replied as I put an arm around him.

“Yes! First, take off all my clothes.”


He nodded excitedly. “And then I’ll get all of yours off.”

“Oh, well if that’s your plan, you’ll need a way to keep me warm.”

“Well, I’m going to keep part of you warm with my mouth.”

“And what about the rest of me?”

He took another bite of sandwich and gave me a doe-eyed look. “I want to hear your ideas.”

I rubbed my chin thoughtfully, then looked down at him. “Hmmm… I think I know what I want.”

“Tell me!” he commanded excitedly.

I wrapped my arms around Justin and pulled him into my lap, then laid kisses all over his cheeks and temple. Eventually, I whispered into his ear, “I want you to make love to me.”

Justin looked up at me, wide-eyed and red-cheeked.

“I do so love that sense of wonder in your eyes,” I murmured, kissing him again.

“Y-you… you want to…”

I had a feeling I knew what he was thinking. Justin knew that I normally kept quiet about my sexual activities; I didn’t talk about whom I’d just been with or what we’d done, instead keeping it between me and my partner. He didn’t know why– not beyond the concept that I was reserved and respectful. The fact was, I rarely sought out sex, especially after my grandfather told me the truth about what he was. Instead, I spent time practicing methods of self-control, including meditation, tantric studies, tai chi, and so on. Keeping to myself unless I felt in control was safer for the person I was with, so training my body to be satisfied with what it got was imperative.

“Yes, my love,” I said, my voice low and husky. “I want my prince’s body to demonstrate his love.”

“Blackthorne…” His voice trembled. “I’m going to get hard just thinking about having you inside me.”

“Oh, Little Moon,” I whispered, caressing his cheek, “I won’t do that just yet. As I said, you’ll be the one making love to me.”

“I–” Justin turned even redder.

“Now you understand.” I leaned in to kiss his lips softly. “You don’t have to, but please don’t decline simply because you think I need release. Nothing would give me more pleasure tonight than to know that my body gives you ecstasy. You being inside me will make me cum, Little Moon. I promise you that.”

Justin breathed harder. He tried to speak, but kept tripping over his own words.

“Don’t worry, my love,” I assured him, “I will guide you. You can take your time.”

His eyes widened a little more. “I know what to do! I’ve done it plenty of times before. It’s just– it’s…”

“It’s me this time?” I finished for him.

He gave a jerky nod.

“I promise to take good care of you,” I whispered, and kissed him again.

That kiss lasted longer than I’d expected; Justin wrapped his arms around my neck and kept me close for long, sensual minutes. Our tongues melted together, our limbs entwined, and it felt as though Justin would have taken me right there if he could. I did get him focused back on his lunch, though, and after we finished eating, we relaxed on the hill together until he decided that we should go back to my place to watch another vampire movie.


We arrived at Justin’s aunt’s house a little after five that evening. Judging by the cars out front, Ms. Anderson was already there, and Justin’s uncle was already home from work. I parked by the curb, as usual, right behind another car, which we didn’t recognize.

“Heh, it’s a rental car,” I pointed out. “Did your dad say whether he’s driving himself or renting something? Or could that be someone else?”

“He didn’t say how he’s coming,” Justin admitted. “He just promised to be here.”

I gave him a hopeful smile. “Let’s go in and find out, okay?”

He nodded. I could tell he was excited and nervous all at once. He hopped out of the car and nearly ran up to the door all on his own, but stopped himself half-way there and ran back to grab my hand. Once we were at the front door, he found it locked, so he rang the doorbell

as well as knocking. After a few moments, Ms. Anderson opened the door.

“Justin! Hi, sweetie!” She embraced him tightly, then ushered him inside. “Everyone has been so excited for you to get here.”

Then she turned to me. “Emory, thank you so much for driving him all over the city,” she said, giving me a hug. “Have you boys had a nice day together?”

“It’s been great, mom!” Justin declared.

I nodded in agreement. “He’s been all smiles the entire day.”

“Is Dad here?” Justin rushed out before his mother could say anything else. “Is that his rental car?”

Ms. Anderson gave him a look that made me wonder whether she was debating between admonishing him or laughing at how excited he was. Thankfully, she stayed focused on keeping his eighteenth birthday happy.

“He’s in the dining room,” she told him.

Justin dashed off to the next room. I heard him calling out before Ms. Anderson and I had any chance to follow him.

“Dad! Dad, you’re here!”

When I entered the dining room, I saw Justin clinging to his father, and his father embracing him in return. Although they got to talk on the phone sometimes, it had been– if I remembered correctly– about ten months since they’d last seen each other in person. Raymond had been late in visiting Justin for his seventeenth birthday, and hadn’t been able to stay for long. He’d tried to visit a few months ago, closer to Thanksgiving, but had spent the holiday with another of his kids, and Christmas had greeted him with car troubles. I was actually relieved at the thought that he’d rented a car to get to Cody.

“Emory, wow, look how tall you’ve gotten!” Raymond called, opening his arms to pull me into the hug, too.

Justin had been with Killian the last time Raymond had come around, and I hadn’t been able to stop by to greet him. I think it had been at least two years since he’d seen me, and he was right that’ I’d grown a lot in that time. I was an inch or two taller than him, whereas Justin was a little shorter than him.

“Woah, look at those muscles!” He said as he squeezed my arm. “You’ve been working out!”

“More like working,” I said. “Electronics can get pretty heavy.”

“You’re a hard worker already, huh? And you’re still doing yoga? Or was it kung fu?”

“A little yoga,” I admitted with a laugh; it was a handy way to stay limber. “And tai chi.”

“That’s right,” he said. “The slow one. Well, let’s not stand around jabbering when you could be eating. I hope you boys are hungry!”

Raymond ushered us over to some seats, and Justin only took his chair when his father promised to sit next to him. The dinner table was set with plenty of plates and cups and napkins there were two big bowls of salad, various salad dressings. and a buffet-type crock pot setup containing spaghetti with marinara sauce, fettuccine with Alfredo sauce, plenty of meatballs, and slices of grilled chicken. And lest I forget, there was a platter piled high with warm garlic bread, and two different varieties of Parmesan cheese.

“All right, I already got the little kids their salads,” Raymond said as he got another plate from the stack. “What kind do you want, Justin?”

Raymond didn’t sit down until everyone else had their salads and was eating happily. He seemed different from how I remembered him; he used to be somewhat oblivious to the needs of those around him, and to some, that came off as selfish. It wasn’t exactly that he didn’t care, but unless others made their needs known and were direct about it, he’d continue blissfully doing his own thing. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ applied to him– not maliciously, but certainly often enough that it annoyed other people, especially Justin’s mother, who sat at the other end of the table with her sister.

As dinner went on, the diners split off into smaller conversations, and Justin got to tell his dad about how things had been going lately. He wanted to show him his central line and talk about his plans for school, but remembered that his aunt didn’t want him bringing up those topics around his younger cousins. There was plenty else to talk about, though– even while Justin devoured his second plate of spaghetti and meatballs.

Once everyone had eaten, Raymond help clear the dishes. He wouldn’t let anyone help until Justin’s aunt insisted that her children be allowed to follow their normal procedure of taking their own dishes to the kitchen. Justin’s cake was brought out once the table was a little cleaner; they hadn’t been able to get anything fancy or customized, but he didn’t seem to mind having marble cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and a rainbow of little plastic balloons. He laughed when he blew out the candles only to have them re-ignite on their own, no matter how many times he blew them out. His cousins all thought the trick candles were hilarious, and were a little disappointed when they were dropped into water in order to truly put them out.

Justin loved every single present his family gave him. His aunt, uncles and cousins ad gotten together to get him a remote-controlled dragon that walked and roared. He almost didn’t want to stop playing with it, but he was glad he did, because his mother had given him the special-edition Type O Negative album he’d been wanting, plus the graphic novel version of “The Crow.”

When it came time for him to open my present, I took out my phone, and he gave me a narrow-eyed look. “No filming!”

I gave him an innocent look as I unlocked the screen. “I’m not filming you.”

“Then put that away,” he said.

“I will,” I assured him. “I just have to make a call first.”

“Right now?!” Justin looked completely baffled that I would do something like that.

I pressed a few buttons on my screen and told him, “Let’s see how fast you can get that paper off.”

I hit ‘call’ on my screen, and as I listen to the line ringing, Justin looked down at the box in his hands. “Is that… ‘Toccata and Fugue’? But–” he looked up at me. “Where is that coming from?”

I pointed to the gift. Coming from it was the muffled sound of organs playing one of his favorite classical songs. “You should get that open, Little Moon.”


He still hadn’t figured it out, and was completely confused as to how his gift was playing music right then.

“Hurry and open it,” his father urged.

Justin tore of the wrapping paper in a flurry. The music stopped for only a second, and restarted as soon as I pressed the button on my phone again. He nearly dropped the box trying to turn it around so he could read the label.

“M– Motorola?!” He looked up at me. “Blackthorne you didn’t–”

“He did,” his mother said. “Go on, Justin; take a look.”

Justin took the lid off the box and set it aside, then stared down at the device playing “Toccata and Fugue” as it glowed from inside its case. I had to tap my phone yet again to get the music to replay, as he was too surprised by what I’d given him to act right away. Finally, he lifted out the phone, opened the cover on the case, and accepted the call.

“Blackthorne…” he whispered in awe.

“Happy birthday,” I said, then hung up the call.

He stared at the screen, which had a small picture of me at the top of his call record. “You… This…”

“He’s speechless!” his father laughed.

“He’s put all of our numbers into your contacts list,” his mother added.

Justin looked over at me. “You got me a phone… and you got it all set up for me? And everyone kept it secret?”

I nodded. “Whenever you weren’t with me, and I wasn’t at work,” I went on, not mentioning that I also had to find time in between visits with my grandfather, “I was downloading apps and loading contacts and setting pref–”

My arms were suddenly full of Justin. He clung to me, hugging me tightly and kissing my cheeks.

“Blackthorne, thank you, thank you, thank you! This is the coolest thing you’ve ever done for me– Well, besides just being here.”

I was thrilled that he liked it. Every now and then, I’d worried that he’d try to turn down the gift, saying that it was too expensive or that he needed to earn it himself. But he was thrilled, and seeing him happy made it all worth it.

Justin and I looked through his phone while Raymond passed out cake. I showed him all his contacts– not that there were many, but they were all important; I’d even programmed in his dad’s number. The case I’d gotten him opened like a book, and it had a scene with a mountain-top castle and bats flying in front of the moon, all framed by roses with thorny stems. I’d put on a screen protector and a charm with little pewter moons dangling from it. All he had left to do was set up his security features.

Once Justin’s cousins were done eating cake, they ran out to play in the backyard, and their mother went into the kitchen to start on dishes. Justin’s uncle excused himself to go upstairs and do some reading, leaving us alone with. Ms. Anderson and Raymond.

“I did bring you a gift,” Justin’s father said, sliding a rectangular box his way. It was about the size of a shoe box, but it sounded metallic underneath the wrapping. “It doesn’t look like much, but you’ll understand when you open it.”

Justin nodded and carefully unwrapped the box to reveal a hinged metal case. It had a thin handle at the top and a latch with a key-hole on the front. He looked up at his father.

“It’s a lock box,” Raymond said, reaching into the breast pocket of his polo shirt. “It’s not empty, I promise.”

Justin accepted the keys from his father and stared at them, then at his father. With a little more urging, he slid the key into the lock and turned it, then slowly lifted the lid. He gasped and nearly slammed the lid shut when he saw what was inside.


“Raymond!” Ms. Anderson snapped when she got a better look at the contents. She lowered her voice before going on. “Where in the world did you get this kind of money?!”

“I told you, I’ve been working,” he replied.

She glowered at him. “Raymond Corbyn, for the past eighteen years, getting any money from you has been like pulling teeth! You’ve never been on time with child support, and you’ve always fallen short on the amount you send. Justin and the eight other kids you made because you couldn’t–“

“Three,” Raymond interrupted.


“I have three living children besides Justin,” he corrected her. “Two that I owe child support for, because the other one was adopted. And I’m going to get caught up with their payments, but Justin’s the oldest, so I’m giving this to him to get him a head-start on life.”

That didn’t satisfy Ms. Anderson. “As much as I’d love to just let him accept this, Raymond, we don’t want dirty money in our lives.” She looked ready to close the lid and shove it back at him, but Justin had his hands in the box, looking through the envelops stuffed with money.

“Mom, Dad, can you two please not fight on my birthday?” Justin begged them.

“I just have a little more to say, Justin, and then I’m done. Lisa, I finally got a good job. I’ve even been working overtime, and as you can see, it pays really well. This money is completely legitimate. I can show you pay stubs, but a lot of it is tips.”

Ms. Anderson shook her head, not willing to be subdued so easily. “What have you been doing? What’s your job?”

“I’m an assistant host,” he replied, pulling out his wallet and searching for something.

“What the he–”

Raymond put a business card in her hands, then gave Justin and me one each as well. “I go to fancy clubs and lounges and help keep the guests happy,” he explained. “Mr. Rosenthal says it’s part manager, part wing-man. My personality is great for it. I get to talk to people, butter them up, and ultimately they spend more money.”

I read the black business card he’d given me. It had his name and job title in elegant script written on it, along with contact information. On the other side was his company’s name. “You’re working for Midnight Rose Entertainment?” I asked in surprise.

Ms. Anderson looked to me and blinked. “You’ve heard of them?”

I nodded. “Midnight Rose is a high-end company. They own clubs and lounges all over North America, but they’re all upper-class. Nothing… ummm… unsavory.”

“Unsavory? Okay Emory, I see what you mean. They’re all really classy.” Then she looked to Raymond. “How did you manage to get a job like that?”

“I just happened to strike up a conversation with Mr. Rosenthal one evening at a part-time gig. We got to talking, and he insisted that I start working for him right away.”

“That’s so cool, Dad!” Justin said, jumping up to give him a hug. “Congratulations!”

Raymond looked surprised at first, then quickly returned the embrace. Then he grasped Justin’s shoulders and met his eyes. “I know this doesn’t make up for things,” he said, his tone serious. “I’m sorry I wasn’t better over the years. I’m keeping records, and I know how much I still owe you and your mom. I’ll keep working hard, and keep sending you some, okay?”

Justin nodded and hugged him again. “Thanks, Dad.”

“I have a box for you, too,” Raymond told Ms. Anderson. “I’ll get it out of my suitcase before I head back to the motel.”

Ms. Anderson shook her head. “It was all supposed to be for Justin’s care.”

“You can give it to him if you want,” he said. “I just figured you might want to pay off some debts you might have accrued while raising him. It’s my fault you couldn’t always pay for things, so I thought I should help you fix up your credit.”

“What about yours?” she seethed, still distrusting of him.

“My credit? It’s in tatters, but I’m not in a hurry to fix it. Getting caught up on child support is my main goal. I barely even need a place to stay, because work pays for my travel expenses and most of my meals are covered. But enough about that for now. I brought vanilla bean ice cream and root beer. Who wants a float?”

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My Gothic Boyfriend XVI

This chapter is NSFW for graphic descriptions of adult content.

Thinking of Justin’s body and the ecstasy I wanted to give him made me harder; I was going to have to focus better if I was going to stick to my plan of not taking my own pants down out there. Justin’s fingernails raked up my chest, and his hips swayed as he pinched my nipples. I gave a long groan of pleasure and pushed his underpants further down.

“Take it off,” I growled.

He gave me a grin that said he liked me acting more dominant, and within seconds he was completely naked except for his jewelry. He slowly caressed his fully freed erection.

“Blackthorne,” he said in a mock whine, “I need somewhere warm to snuggle or else my dick is going to get cold out here.”

“Not for long,” I snarled, grabbing his legs. “Get over here.”

I pulled Justin forward until his knees were just above my shoulders, his calves on either side of me, his backside at the top of my chest. He yelped, but didn’t resist.

“Wh- what…” he breathed as he looked straight down at me. “Are you okay? I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“No. I have you right where I want you.”

“I’m practically sitting on your face…”

“Yes,” I replied with an even wider grin. He flushed and looked a little nervous– not unhappy, but a little uncertain. “Don’t tell me my dearest prince hasn’t had the pleasure of doing this before.”

“Umm… well…” He squeezed his erection as though trying to keep in control. “Y-yeah… but I’ve only gotten to be on top a couple times…”

“Oh, no more of that!” I declared. “I want you right here all the time.”


He couldn’t finish the word, let alone the sentence. I had licked up the length of his dick, right along the vein, and he was crying out. I grinned at him as I reached my tongue towards the tip, which was already glistening with precum.

“Oh wow…” he said breathlessly. “You’re going to…”

I nodded. “Unless you don’t want me to…”

Justin looked ready to melt. “I want you to! I just… I’m not going to last very long.”

“I don’t need you to,” I told him. “I just want you to feel good. Once you get back into practice, then you can worry about endurance.”

I kissed the tip, and when Justin watched me lick my lips, he leaked even more precum.

“Oh, you like it when I do that?”

He nodded. “Uh-huh…”

“You know I’m going to do a lot more than that, right?”

“Uhh… yeah… J-just… stop me if I get too excited… I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I trust you,” I said, then proceeded to lay kisses down one side of the shaft and up the other. He breathed harder, and I was thrilled at how much effect I was having on him. I met his eyes, took the shaft in one hand, and wrapped my lips around the tip. He was practically howling as I sucked down the droplets of precum he gave me. Then I let go and grinned. “You’re doing great… Just take a moment to catch your breath.”

“Blackthorne,” he gasped.

“Yes, good, keep saying my name like it’s going to help you breathe.”

He laughed a little at that.

“Listen, you can grab my head, play with my hair, whatever you want. I promise to let you know if I need you to let up.”

He nodded and lightly brushed my hair back out of my face, which I then nuzzled into the crease where his leg met his groin. I breathed in his musky scent, then kissed around the base of his dick. I had to grab his hips to hold him steady so that I could focus on the soft hairs around the base. Then I pushed his erection up so that I could kiss all over the soft pouch that held his balls.

“They’re so soft and full,” I murmured.

“Y-yeah– ohhhh.. Blackthorne, they’re going to empty everything in them onto your face if you keep doing that.,”

“All over my face?” I asked, my voice rumbling.


“That might be a good look for me.”

“Oh, g– Blackthorne, where did you learn to talk like that?”

“What? Deep and sensual?”

He gasped as I licked up the vein again. “Uuuummmm… I…”

“Don’t worry, baby, I don’t want you to be able to form complete sentences. Just play in my hair while I make out with this delicious dick, okay?”

“Bl– oooooohhh,” he whined as I slowly stroked my hand down the shaft with one hand, “Blackth-thorne…”

“Mmm… You make such beautiful sounds.” I firmed my grip just slightly so that I could pull the soft skin back from the head of his dick, which was glistening. “Oh wow, you’re so wet.”

“Uh-huh…” His hands gripped the back of my head, as though he wanted you get more attention, but also didn’t want to force me.

“Don’t be afraid of hurting me, Little Moon,” I urged him. “I promise, if you get too rough for me, I’ll let you know. We can trust each other.”

He was still blushing, but he nodded. I wrapped one arm around the backs of his thighs, grabbed his hip with the other, and urged him forward to lay the tip on my tongue. I gave the sensitive frenulum on the underside a few feathery licks, and grinned up at Justin when he nearly choked on my name. My lips closed around the warm mushroom head, and I sucked down the drops of precum that leaked out.

“Blackthorne,” he whined.

“You’re delicious,” I informed him after I let go and kissed the tip.

Justin smiled down at me with such affection that I felt the need to lay kisses along his legs and around the base of his dick. Then I pulled his body forward so that he could more easily push into my mouth. My tongue moved in sensual waves down the underside of his shaft, him trembling and me humming in delight that I had such an effect on him.

My lips slid along his silky, delicious skin until I’d taken in all of him, right down to the base. I swallowed, he gasped; I applied suction, and he screamed my name. I let him pull my hair. He let me grip his hips so that I could more easily slide up and down the shaft. After only a couple minutes of that, he managed to break free of my suction and pull away. I looked up to see him trying to catch his breath.

“It’s okay, sweet prince,” I reassured him. “You don’t have to try to force your orgasm away.”

“It feels so good,” he murmured, his voice shaking. “You… you know exactly what you’re doing.”

I nodded, then nuzzled my cheek between his thigh and his belly. “When I do something, I intend to do it well. I want you to be happy, Little Moon.”

“Y-yeah…” He took a few more breaths. “You’re amazing at that.”

His words had me grinning from ear to ear. I kissed his belly and gave it a few playful licks, and eventually took his dick back into my hand. I pulled the foreskin back just enough so that I could run the tip of my tongue through his dripping slit. The playful, feathery movement of my tongue had him crying out, and I was rewarded with more droplets of precum. Once I swallowed them, I took his hips and guided them forward, urging him to push himself deeper into my mouth.

“Oh, wow,” he gasped.

I slid back just a little, then grasped his thighs to make him slide fully inside again. We made a game of my pulling away and him pushing deeper in. It was slow and clumsy for him at first, but I let him take his time, and soon enough he’d worked up an even rhythm at a slow pace. I moved my tongue around him in undulating waves, and sometimes applied suction when I wanted to see him jerk and gasp. My hands moved to massage his backside.

After a while, one of his hands left my head, and I looked up to find him playing with his own nipples. I grinned around the mouthful he’d given me and moved one of my own hands to rake my fingernails up his belly to join in on that. He moaned louder and gave me an excited thrust. I responded by sucking harder on his dick.

“Shi– Ba–” he gasped. “Blackthorne, fuuuuu– Oooohh, Blackthorne, you’re getting me closer!”

Justin’s excitement thrilled me. I pushed my lips closer into the soft flesh around the base of his dick, wanting to have more of him in my mouth. My hands scraped down his shoulders as I let him completely take over the thrusting, then down his sides. He was breathing hard, and could barely even get my name out between breaths.

My fingernails dragged all the way down to his thighs, where I switched to massaging. He was still so thin, but he wasn’t letting that stop him from finding pleasure where he could. My mind sent me images of him– months, maybe years from then– filled out and stronger because of my care. I was going to do that for him; I was going to make him healthy and happy. I was going to give him everything he could ever want, and somehow the thought of him bigger and stronger excited me, and I felt my erection twitch and strain to be released.

I wasn’t known for cumming in my pants, or just from words or thoughts, but with Justin, everything was different. He opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. He was precious and loving, and pleasing him made me forget, just a little, about the shadows that I needed to protect him from.

I pulled my mind back on track before it managed to wander too far. Justin was leaking more and more precum, and it was getting thicker. I slid a hand between his legs to caress the delicate skin that held his balls. They were thick and full, but also getting tighter, preparing for release.

“My prince,” I gasped as I released his dick from my mouth.

“Blackthorne,” he whined, “I’m cold now.”

“I know, baby, just give me a moment. You’re getting close to cumming; don’t hold back, okay? You need this.”

Justin smiled down at me and nodded. “I love you, Blackthorne.”

“I love you, too, Little Moon. Now, back to making out with this delicious dick!”

He slid back into my mouth, and I got to work making sure my lips and tongue gave him everything he could want. I sucked and hummed hungrily. I squeezed his soft backside and massaged his balls, and I let him thrust in and out however he pleased. His dick was as hard and hot as newly-forged steel, and the louder he cried, the more he leaked precum and musk.

“Ye– Oh, Blackthorne–” He could barely speak– could hardly even breathe. “I– Blackthorne, I’m–”

I looked up at him. “Give it to me,” I mumbled as best I could with him still in my mouth. Then I wrapped one arm around the small of his back, the other around his thighs, and held on firmly to keep him close to me.

His cum splashed into my mouth in thick, hot gushes as his body jerk and spasmed. I pressed my face into his skin and breathed through my nose, listening to his screams and loving the way my name sounded like the most glorious thing to ever come from his lips. His orgasm rocked his body for ages– ages that he needed, that he deserved, and that I loved to grant him. I swallowed every drop he gave me, and eagerly sucked on his shaft to get more.

“Ba…” he gasped, just about falling over me like a wilting flower. “Blackthorne…”

I slowly slid him out of my mouth; he was already soft, completely spent. “You don’t have to talk, my prince,” I whispered.

He was still breathing hard when I grasped his thin body and lifted him over to one side and laid him tenderly beside me. I rolled onto my side and tucked him close against me, then pulled the picnic blanket up over him to keep him warm until he was ready to get dressed. He laid his face limply against my chest.

“Bla… thor…” he breathed, hardly even audible.

“Hush, Little Moon. You need to rest. I’ll watch over you.”

Justin fell asleep to me caressing his back and humming a song. He was so peaceful and still; I could tell that he’d expended everything he had with that orgasm. I let my mind wander as I held him, content to lie on that hill and enjoy the breeze all afternoon.

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