Dark, Eerie, and Haunted Stories

Most of my writing is fantasy-based, but it has its dark aspects sometimes.  When I want to write something really dark, though, it gets to be an interesting journey.  I started writing darker than usual in October, with ghost stories and spooky notions.

Later on, I got the idea for “Longing for Shadows,” the tale of a girl who sets out to see her deceased friend one last time.  She ends up doing a lot more than that along her way, including meeting some interesting people.

More recently, I began “The House of the Seventh Minuet,” which is more eerie than morbid.  It has more of a ‘what is going on?’ theme to it.  What starts off as a simple inheritance goes way beyond that… or is it all just a strange dream?

I plan to add to these stories as time goes on, so keep an eye out for updates, and happy reading!


The Castle Tower, part one

The Castle Tower, part two

The Crimson Valley

The Phantoms of the Dragon Caverns

The Haunting of Willow Wood

The Dragon

The Ghosts of Lorata

Ghosts of Lorata: Footsteps from the Sea, part 1

Ghosts of Lorata: Footsteps from the Sea, part 2

Ghosts of Lorata: Footsteps from the Sea part 3

Ghosts of Lorata: Footsteps from the Sea part 4 (final)

Longing for Shadows

Longing for Shadows II

Longing for Shadows III

Longing for Shadows IV

Longing for Shadows V

Longing for Shadows Part VI

Longing for Shadows Part VII

Longing for Shadows Part VIII

Longing for Shadows Part IX

Longing for Shadows Part X

Spooky stories written in 2020:

If a Ghost Asks You a Question

Want Some Candy?

That Which Lurks in My Closet

The Ghost Crystal

Yomi Kara Onikage – The Cartridge of Death

Happy haunting!