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Carving pumpkins together

Stefan and Leila got together in her backyard and carved their pumpkins. Stefan made Sleipnir, of course, and Leila made some bats. They’ll probably watch “Beetlejuice” together later. What do you think Killian and Larsa would carve?

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The Castle Tower, part one

There was a castle long ago, in a kingdom that shall hitherto remain unnamed. It fell under the attack of the realm’s enemies whilst the king was away, and the queen ordered that the castle, and even the city surrounding … Continue reading

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The Phantoms of the Dragon Caverns

Whereas the elves learned to bury their dead along with a young willow tree, the dragons took to the depths of the mountains.  There were caves that riddled Dragonridge Mountains through and through.  From its highest reaches down to the … Continue reading

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