My Gothic Boyfriend XIX

This chapter is NSFW, with graphic descriptions of adult content.

As I released the silk tie, I turned my back to him and let him watch the fabric slide down my back and off my arms. I pulled my hair over my shoulders so that he could see my muscles and backside better. When it was low enough, I took one arm from its sleeve and grasped the other side so it wouldn’t fall to the floor, then hung the robe on its peg. Justin was still watching me, transfixed, as I turned to walk back to him, hands at my sides so he could see everything.

“You’re so gorgeous,” he choked out.

I laid down next to him. “I’m glad my body pleases you.” Then I kissed his forehead and settled in among the pillows, lying on my side. “Have you done this side-by-side before? It’s a little more comfortable this way.”

Justin nodded and turned so that his legs were up by the pillows, his face near my lap. We adjusted ourselves to get aligned better, and I reached my arm between his legs, to the small of his back, and pulled him closer.

“Oh– Blackthorne, wow!” he cried before I had a chance to get him back in my mouth.

“What is it, sweet prince?”

“You– you’re huge!” he said, craning is head up to look at me.

I chuckled. “I thought you noticed that earlier.”

“Yeah, but– You– Blackthorne, this thing is even bigger than it felt through your pants.”

His hand ran up and down the length of my erection, as though checking that it really was that big. He had me gasping, puling in sharp breaths as the pleasure flowed through me.

“Gentle, Little Moon… slow down… Ohhhh, your hands feel good! Listen, it’s bigger now because there’s nothing to restrict it. What you said about me being a grower was pretty accurate.” I caressed his own erection, hoping to refocus him on what we were there to do. “And judging by how much you’ve been leaking since realizing my full size, you really like it.”

He laughed. “Of course I do. You’ve heard me talking about what I like before. But, um… Mine isn’t nearly as big. I’m not sure if–”

“Little Moon, you are the perfect size for me,” I told him. “I don’t think I could handle something as big as what I have.”

“You’d work up to it,” he replied, “just like I did.”

I smirked and shook my head. “I only want this one,” I told him right before giving it several licks and kisses, and then taking all of it into my mouth.

Justin gasped and wriggled until I gripped his hips tighter. Once he settled down, he took my shaft in one hand and my balls in the other. “Oh man, Blackthorne, they’re so big!”

“Gentle, Little Moon,” I reminded him. “I’m not ready to empty them just yet. Go slow.”

Justin kissed around my balls, up my shaft, chuckling now and then and muttering that my dick was big, or how thick it was, or how I was so wet that droplets were already flooding outside my foreskin. I let him do as he pleased; he needed time to get used to what I had to offer and let his nervousness dissipate and give way to pleasure. When he finally pulled back the skin and tasted the head, it was such a relief that I could have melted.

“Y– my prince, that’s perfect. I– Ooohh, slow down, baby… easy– Oh!”

I slid my fingers into his hair and gripped him gently to remind him to go easy on me. Justin did slow down, and he focused on giving me tender kisses and sensual licks, just as I have to him. Once we’d settled in a little more, he started working his lips down my shaft. I was so busy playing with him, enjoying the salty drops of precum I got from tonguing his slit, that I didn’t realize how much he’d taken in until he’d swallowed more than half my dick.

“Oh, my prince,” I groaned, reaching down to grasp his chin gently, “you’re so good at what you do.”

He mumbled something and tried to continue taking me in.

“Little Moon, you need to stop. Don’t try to deep-throat me just yet.”

Justin whimpered and teased his tongue along the bottom of my shaft.

“Mmmmm… That does feel wonderful, my love, but if you push yourself too far, and you throw up all that delicious food, that won’t help us, will it?”

Justin slowly slid off and looked up at me. “You taste really good.”

I gave him an affectionate smile. “Let’s keep it that way, okay?”

He thought for a moment, not entirely pleased to have to take it easy, but he eventually nodded. “I’m going to swallow the whole thing someday, Blackthorne,” he insisted.

“I believe you,” I said with a grin, “and I look forward to it. For now…” I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the lubricant, “how about you focus on getting me ready to take you in?”

Justin accepted the lube from me and gave me a coy look before spreading my legs further open and disappearing between them. I felt his tongue licking down my balls, his lips kissing the delicate skin behind them, and his hands exposing places that were normally kept hidden. He didn’t stop kissing either, and when that got the moans he wanted from me, he squirmed even further down to lick me and tease my skin with his teeth. That put him too far away for me to keep his dick in my mouth, so I had to content myself with massaging his backside while he leaked all over my belly.

“Oohh… My beloved prince, you… you’re…”

He plunged his tongue into me, and for several minutes I could not speak, and was left to make incoherent sounds. When he finally came up for air, he grinned at me and rolled me onto my back.

“Wow, Blackthorn, that got you really wet!” he said as he admired the precum freely leaking from my tip.”

“Mmm-hmm…” I agreed dreamily. I grabbed the water bottle on the night stand and drank deeply before handing it to him. “It’s not going to be all that hard to get me to cum, Little Moon. It’s been a long, long time.”

Justin grinned and finished off the water before sitting on my lap. His steel-hard dick brushed alongside mine, making me whimper. His arms wrapped around my shoulders and his legs around my waist, and kissed me. We didn’t stop kissing for a long time, and by then we were breathless, and the way he was spreading both our precum all over each other and stroking me, I was worried I was going to cum before he was even inside me.

“Blackthorne, he gasped, his voice needy, almost desperate, “I’m so close… I just want to sink my body down onto you.”

“Oh, my naughty prince,” I said as he laid more kisses on my skin. “You’ve got it backwards.”

“I can take it, though.” he insisted, practically whining.

“I know you think so… and you will, in time. But I won’t let you act subservient to me. We are equals; you don’t have to serve for my pleasure no matter how much I take care of you.”

“But I want it.”

“Give it time,” I soothed, rubbing his shoulders to comfort him. “Please… I want to be made love to.”

My words seemed to flick a switch in Justin. He kissed me again, more passionately, stroking us both. I managed to pull him off of my lap and place him next to me. I handed him the lube again as a reminder, and placed a pillow under my lower back.

“You need me that badly?” he asked.

I nodded. “If I could put words to what you’ve done to my heart, Little Moon, I would serenade you all evening. As it is, all I can do is beg you to make our bodies as one.”

Justin gave me a sultry smile. “Wow… you’ve got it bad.”

“So do you, beloved, I said. “Please, Little Moon, don’t make me beg.”

“Maybe I should,” he teased. “You look incredible, Blackthorne, lying there, dripping, wanting me in your body.”

“Love me,” I told him. “Touch me, kiss me, merge with me… Anything you want, Little Moon, as long as I can feel your love.”

He was grinning from ear to ear. I didn’t care though; he was slicking his fingers with lube and reaching down between my legs, just as I wanted. He also squirted a little onto my waiting hole, knowing that we would need plenty of it. The he grabbed me, and kissed me hard as his fingers massaged around the tight muscle. His tongue danced with mine as though trying to taste the precum I’d licked from him, and then he delved deeper, moaning into the kiss, needing more and more from me.

The moment his first finger slipped inside was glorious. I broke our kiss, gasping, and then the gasp turned to a moan, and bore down on his finger.

“More,” I begged breathlessly.

“Already? I just got in,” he told me. “You’re really tight, Blackthorne. Are you… have you ever…”

I understood what he meant when he turned red again. “I would love for you to be the first man inside me, Little Moon, but I can’t lie to you. It’s tight because it’s been a long time. It’ll stretch, beloved, just keep working at it.”

“A long time, huh?” he grinned as he slowly pushed in deeper and then pulled back. “Is that because your partners would rather have your massive dick inside them?”

“Mmmmm, you’re being a naughty prince now.”

“You don’t think I’m being a good boy?” he teased, working his finger in and out of me more.

I grabbed Justin and pulled him in for more kisses. “I’ll let you know how good you are when you give me more,” I groaned. I no longer cared how needy I sounded.

Justin pulled out so that only his fingertip remained inside me, and when he pushed back in, I could feel a second finger joining it. I hissed at the slight burn, then breathed through it until my muscles relaxed. I wanted my body to accept him, to welcome him, and once he was done with me that night, to yearn to have him again.

“Yes… ooohh, deeper, my prince…”

“Already?” he whispered. “I can hardly move.”

“I used to– used to… used… oh, yes, keep pushing!”

“What were you saying?”

“I… mmmmm, that’s good. I used to get treated to this several times a week. He– Oh, prince!”

Justin had pushed both fingers all the way in, and was now massaging the passageway. It felt incredible– electric, sensual, powerful. He had full control over my body with just those two fingers. He buried his face in my neck, kissing and biting my skin as I laid back and let him do as he pleased.

“Hmmm… several times a week? Who was that?”

I felt my face go hotter, and I looked away.

“Right… we don’t kiss and tell. I think I know who it was, but he said he was going over to your place to study.”

“We did study,” I moaned, feeling it get easier and easier for my body to let him in. “Both… mmmmm, yeah, keep doing that. We– we studied our books, and then each other.”

“I get it: getting nailed by him was your reward for helping him study.”

“More like he helped m– Oh, f– Justin, you know just what to do!” I groaned. He was moving faster now, and I’d be ready for another finger soon.

“Of course I do,” he replied, grinning. “I’ve done this enough that I know how to get you nice and supple. When I’m done, my dick will slide into you like silk. So… did he take you, too, or did you only get it from him?”

“So many questions, and so few fingers!”

“Yeah, well… hearing about my boyfriend’s exploits is pretty hot. Did he have a hard time taking your battering ram?”

That comparison had me cracking up laughing. He grinned proudly at having been able to make me do that, then leaned down to lick and suck my nipples to get be back into a sensual mindset.

“He was fairly big himself. Not like me, but…”

“Bigger than me?”

I flushed. “Well… yes, but as I said earlier, I like your size. I don’t seek out big dicks like you do.”

“The bigger the better, he said, wiggling his eyebrows, “and you’re absolutely magnificent.”

“It’s like we were made for each other,” I told him. “But back then, we had a fairly even exchange going on. Sometimes we only got each other off, other times it was oral. We practiced stretching each other until we could have sex without it hurting us.”

“Why did you guys stop seeing each other?”

“You don’t remember? He was a year ahead of me, and he graduated and went off to some ivy-league school.”

“Really? How did you guys have class together then?”

“I took AP chemistry as a junior. It was the only way I could take the courses I wanted as a senior the next year.”

“Oh yeah, you got ready for that stuff early. Meanwhile, I barely even passed regular chemistry.”

“That’s okay, Little Moon. The chemistry between us is what’s important.”

Then it was his turn to crack up. “If you’re able to still make puns, I’m not doing a good enough job down here.” Justin pulled his fingers out slowly. “I am going to make you senseless, right on the edge of cumming. You’re going to be begging to have my dick in you soon.”

“Is that a threat or a promise?”

Justin chuckled again, and shook his head. He helped place my heels up next to my backside, then spread my knees apart. When he was satisfied with the position he’d put me in, he added more lube to his fingers, and when he slid them back inside me, there were three. “Are you still okay?”

I nodded and let my eyes close dreamily. “Much better… we’re getting closer to what I really want.”

“Oh really? You think my dick is thicker than three fingers?” he asked as he kissed up my belly and chest.

“I don’t care,” I moaned. “I want you. Stretch me, Little Moon, and then make love to me.”

Justin worked those three fingers in and out of me, pushing in deeper each time. It felt wonderful to be opened up again after so long; I had to focus on kissing him in order to keep from rushing through the preparations. The urge to stroke myself was intense, but I worried that if I did, I would cum before he was in me– and if I stroked him, he might cum before I could let him take my body. I contented myself with playing with his nipples.

“Want another finger?” he asked after several minutes of kissing.

I shook my head. “I’m ready for you, beloved prince.”

He smiled, both nervous and excited. “Okay… umm… should I coat myself in lube, or–“

“Get up here and let me get you all wet,” I commanded him.

That had him excited. His hand slid out of me slowly, and he wiped the excess lube off using the washcloth I handed him. Then I wasted no time in grabbing his hips and guiding him up my torso. Just like earlier that day, he was practically sitting on my face. I wanted to take my time again, to revel in his scent and explore his beautiful expanses of skin, but I felt my body’s need for us to merge become more desperate. I took Justin’s dick into my mouth and drank down the precum greedily before focusing on coating it in saliva.

“Oh g– Blackthorne, you’re going to get another mouthful of cum if you keep that up,” he groaned. His fingers were in my hair, holding the back of my head, as ready to let me swallow him as he was to help me focus on what he knew I so desperately wanted.

I released him from my mouth, making sure to leave it soaking wet. “Little Moon…” I breathed, meeting his eyes, “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” he whispered as he moved back down between my legs.

“Make love to me, my prince,” I ordered him, knowing that he wanted it just as badly. “Fill me, become one with me, share your essence with me.”

Justin kissed the insides of my thighs and gazed down at the opening that laid ready for him. He looked back up at me as he positioned himself just right. “I love you more then I’ve loved anyone else Blackthorne, he gasped, and I felt the tip of his dick slide into me. His head fell back, and he moaned loudly.

“Keep going, beloved,” I moaned. “Give me all of it.”

He sank in deeper, eager for more yet careful not to rush. He moaned as he pushed, and gripped my legs tightly. “Fu– You’re really tight, Blackthorne. I know I stretched you, but it’s like I stretched a virgin.” He stilled himself, gripping tighter as he strained not to cum right then.

“I’m so happy to see you enjoying it. Please my love… Mmm… yeah, baby, show me what you like to do.”

Justin leaned in for more kisses, and in doing so, pushed the rest of the way into me. His pelvis pressed against my backside, eager to merge with me that last little bit more. “You’re gripping me like a vice,” he groaned. “I can hardly move.”

“Take your time, Little moon,” I whispered. I massaged his shoulders, and he kissed me again.

Justin lifted my knees to push them up and back and get more access. His hands hooked under the backs of my knees to hold me as he began to slowly pull back. It felt like just millimeters at first, then he pushed back in. I could feel his shaft pulsing rapidly inside me, beating in time with his pounding heart. He was incredibly hard, and I felt privileged to get to have him inside me. He pulled back again, just a little more this time, and then all the way in.

I couldn’t speak. I could only gasp and moan and sing his praises. He was so beautiful, looking down at me lovingly, wanting to give me everything I could ask for. Justin was moaning, too. He shook, trying to control himself, to work up a good rhythm so that we could both enjoy the pleasure longer. Meanwhile, I stroked myself slowly, spreading my precum down my shaft to make it easier.

“You’re really tight,” he whimpered. His pace was slowly increasing, but he was on edge. “Oh Blackthorne, if I thought I had it in me tonight, I’d cum right now, and stay in you to do it again and again.”

His words had me leaking even more. Once he said it, I wanted that more than I ever could have imagined. My body was his for the taking, and I wanted to be taken so many times.

“It’s okay…” I gasped. “I love you. Do whatever y– ooooohh yes, Little Moon, harder!– anything you want.”

“When I… When I get stronger, you’re really gonna feel it.”

“I feel it now, baby,” I moaned. “I feel your love. Yeah… yeah, baby… yeeaahhh…”

All words left me again; they disappeared among the waves of pleasure as he made love to me. His rhythm was steady and sure, every stroke blissful. I could hear the ecstasy in his voice as he glided across the edge of pleasure. Every inward thrust threatened to push him over the edge, to make him burst, and he had to exert control each time; he wouldn’t be able to maintain that for long.

Neither would I, if I’m being quite honest. His thrusts were hitting my prostate, and it had been so long since I’d had that pleasure, I wanted to cum every time. I was leaking terribly, but I wanted to keep hearing the beautiful song of his pleasured cries. I called his name and begged him to keep going, to enjoy me, to take whatever he wanted from me.

He did all of those things, but then he also leaned in to share long, needful kisses with me. His tongue filled my mouth just as his dick pierced me. His hands caressed my chest, then scratched up to my shoulders and neck. We moved together, waves of pleasure flowing back and forth between us, kissing and moaning and thrusting.

I screamed when he clawed my back; it was exhilarating, just like the first time he’d scratched me. He devoured my neck at the same time, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take much more; I was going to explode– to unleash what had been building up inside me for weeks. When he lifted his head to look into my eyes, to check on how I was doing, I realized then, as his love flooded through me and he never stopped thrusting, that he was my one.

Justin wasn’t just my treasure, my prince; he was the one to whom I could tell every thought and secret that I had. Not only that, but he would love me even more. No matter what I told him, he would still want to lie with me, to join in bliss, to be held by me. Justin had complete trust in me. Our love suffused and bonded us both. Even if we could never make love again, he would remain by my side. He would look after me just as I looked after him. My grandfather was right: this was my soul-mate.

“Justin…” I moaned. I was certain that whatever he was doing to my neck was going to leave a mark, and I didn’t care. “I love you so much.”

I didn’t want him to ever stop, but there were things that I suddenly needed very badly from him.

“Please… baby, please…” I begged.

Justin lifted his head to meet my eyes again. “You feel so good, Blackthorne.”

“So do you– my prince…” I could hardly breathe enough to form words. “Please… keep marking me. Lay claim to me. I am yours.”

“You want to be marked?” he repeated, his tone lascivious. His fingers caressed my chest.

“Y-yes,” I gasped. “Mark me, claim me. Make me know that I belong to you.”

“Does that mean you want it harder?”

“It means I love you!” I screamed. “It means I need to be loved and desired by you. Please, my prince…. please take me!”

“Mmm… it does something to me when you talk like that.”

“Good. Do it to me, too.”

“Mmmmmm… I will, Blackthorne… as much as you want.”

“I– need to cum, Little Moon. I can’t… I… please… Make me yours!”

And he did. Justin dove down to the other side of my neck, where he bit down hard. I screamed, and he responded by thrusting his dick into me even harder, and while I was crying out from that, he bit the hollow of my neck, and then lower, down to my nipples. My hips bucked, meeting his thrusts, desperate to give myself to him, to give him whatever he needed in order to cum.

“Blackthorne…” he gasped. “Blackthorne, I love you. I want– I need… need you for forever.”

“Yes, Little Moon,” I cried as my body tensed. “Claim me… I am yours!”

“Forever,” he repeated.

“Yes, my prince,” I gasped, “forever.”

I felt the heat of his cum pouring into me. He could hardly make a sound at first, the way his body spasmed. He pushed himself as deep into me as he could go, trying to catch his breath every time his dick pulsed with another spurt of cum. When he finally could breathe, he was loud; he screamed my name and dozens of things that I could hardly make out. His passion set me off, and I, too, let loose streams of white cream. My cum coated his chest and dripped back down to mine in sticky drops.

My vision blurred as the intensity of that orgasm wracked my body. My throat burned from my cries, but I didn’t care. I had been claimed, subdued by my one and only true love. My prince desired me, filled me, needed me. when I could see more clearly, the sight before me was intensely beautiful, but also arousing. Justin had let me lay my feet back on the bed, and was resting his palms on my knees to balance himself. He was exhausted, his hair slick with sweat, his face red, his chest white and dripping.

“You look incredible,” I whispered.

Justin breathed hard for a few minutes. He struggled to catch his breath, but I let him take his time. He refused the water I offered him, not yet ready to try drinking if he could hardly breathe. Eventually, those beautiful brown eyes looked at me, and he smiled.

“Wow…” he gasped, still breathless.

I look down at myself, trying to take in what he was seeing, then grinned back up at him. “Yeah, I really covered us in it, didn’t I?”

Justin tried to laugh. He nodded. “Bla… Blackthorne.”

“Don’t try talking yet,” I murmured. “I’m so proud of you, Little Moon. That… I don’t even know how to put words to what we did. That was better than anything I’ve ever done before– and I have had plenty of positive experiences.”

“Yeah… I…” He swallowed hard.

“You should lie down, sweet prince. As much as I still want you inside me, you’ve worn yourself out.”

I help him pull out and kept him steady as I turned him around and laid him on his back. I kissed his cheek and rested on my side next to him. After a few minutes, he calmed down enough to take a few sips of water, and I felt safe in getting up to get some fresh washcloths to help wipe us both down.

Justin was very drowsy, but he fought to stay awake long enough for me to bring him some blueberry juice and a thin slice of cake. Then he snuggled up next to me and closed his eyes. He was so precious when he slept; so tiny and innocent and vulnerable. It made me want to watch over him– to protect him– so much more.

Whereas Justin was out like a light, I had a much harder time getting to sleep that night. I kept thinking that Grandfather was going to call me, or perhaps show up in a dark corner of the room. Eventually, I told myself that he’d never shown up unannounced after I’d been making love before. He respected that aspect of my privacy, and he seemed to respect Justin as well. Knowing that, I eventually drifted off into dreams.

About Legends of Lorata

Eleanor Willow is the author of the high fantasy series Legends of Lorata, which takes place on a medieval-style world filled with elves, dragons, and faeries. There is also a fourth race, one that is rare and magical: the angelic Starr. Lorata is a distant planet watched over by four deities: good, evil, elemental, and celestial-- and there are plenty of legends about them all! One of the most important ones is the prophecy of Jenh's champion, Loracaz, who is promised to return to the realm whenever evil threatens to take hold. There are currently three books completed, and the first one can be read online. Book four is currently being written, and a fifth will most likely be in the future.
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