My Gothic Boyfriend XVI

This chapter is NSFW for graphic descriptions of adult content.

Thinking of Justin’s body and the ecstasy I wanted to give him made me harder; I was going to have to focus better if I was going to stick to my plan of not taking my own pants down out there. Justin’s fingernails raked up my chest, and his hips swayed as he pinched my nipples. I gave a long groan of pleasure and pushed his underpants further down.

“Take it off,” I growled.

He gave me a grin that said he liked me acting more dominant, and within seconds he was completely naked except for his jewelry. He slowly caressed his fully freed erection.

“Blackthorne,” he said in a mock whine, “I need somewhere warm to snuggle or else my dick is going to get cold out here.”

“Not for long,” I snarled, grabbing his legs. “Get over here.”

I pulled Justin forward until his knees were just above my shoulders, his calves on either side of me, his backside at the top of my chest. He yelped, but didn’t resist.

“Wh- what…” he breathed as he looked straight down at me. “Are you okay? I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“No. I have you right where I want you.”

“I’m practically sitting on your face…”

“Yes,” I replied with an even wider grin. He flushed and looked a little nervous– not unhappy, but a little uncertain. “Don’t tell me my dearest prince hasn’t had the pleasure of doing this before.”

“Umm… well…” He squeezed his erection as though trying to keep in control. “Y-yeah… but I’ve only gotten to be on top a couple times…”

“Oh, no more of that!” I declared. “I want you right here all the time.”


He couldn’t finish the word, let alone the sentence. I had licked up the length of his dick, right along the vein, and he was crying out. I grinned at him as I reached my tongue towards the tip, which was already glistening with precum.

“Oh wow…” he said breathlessly. “You’re going to…”

I nodded. “Unless you don’t want me to…”

Justin looked ready to melt. “I want you to! I just… I’m not going to last very long.”

“I don’t need you to,” I told him. “I just want you to feel good. Once you get back into practice, then you can worry about endurance.”

I kissed the tip, and when Justin watched me lick my lips, he leaked even more precum.

“Oh, you like it when I do that?”

He nodded. “Uh-huh…”

“You know I’m going to do a lot more than that, right?”

“Uhh… yeah… J-just… stop me if I get too excited… I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I trust you,” I said, then proceeded to lay kisses down one side of the shaft and up the other. He breathed harder, and I was thrilled at how much effect I was having on him. I met his eyes, took the shaft in one hand, and wrapped my lips around the tip. He was practically howling as I sucked down the droplets of precum he gave me. Then I let go and grinned. “You’re doing great… Just take a moment to catch your breath.”

“Blackthorne,” he gasped.

“Yes, good, keep saying my name like it’s going to help you breathe.”

He laughed a little at that.

“Listen, you can grab my head, play with my hair, whatever you want. I promise to let you know if I need you to let up.”

He nodded and lightly brushed my hair back out of my face, which I then nuzzled into the crease where his leg met his groin. I breathed in his musky scent, then kissed around the base of his dick. I had to grab his hips to hold him steady so that I could focus on the soft hairs around the base. Then I pushed his erection up so that I could kiss all over the soft pouch that held his balls.

“They’re so soft and full,” I murmured.

“Y-yeah– ohhhh.. Blackthorne, they’re going to empty everything in them onto your face if you keep doing that.,”

“All over my face?” I asked, my voice rumbling.


“That might be a good look for me.”

“Oh, g– Blackthorne, where did you learn to talk like that?”

“What? Deep and sensual?”

He gasped as I licked up the vein again. “Uuuummmm… I…”

“Don’t worry, baby, I don’t want you to be able to form complete sentences. Just play in my hair while I make out with this delicious dick, okay?”

“Bl– oooooohhh,” he whined as I slowly stroked my hand down the shaft with one hand, “Blackth-thorne…”

“Mmm… You make such beautiful sounds.” I firmed my grip just slightly so that I could pull the soft skin back from the head of his dick, which was glistening. “Oh wow, you’re so wet.”

“Uh-huh…” His hands gripped the back of my head, as though he wanted you get more attention, but also didn’t want to force me.

“Don’t be afraid of hurting me, Little Moon,” I urged him. “I promise, if you get too rough for me, I’ll let you know. We can trust each other.”

He was still blushing, but he nodded. I wrapped one arm around the backs of his thighs, grabbed his hip with the other, and urged him forward to lay the tip on my tongue. I gave the sensitive frenulum on the underside a few feathery licks, and grinned up at Justin when he nearly choked on my name. My lips closed around the warm mushroom head, and I sucked down the drops of precum that leaked out.

“Blackthorne,” he whined.

“You’re delicious,” I informed him after I let go and kissed the tip.

Justin smiled down at me with such affection that I felt the need to lay kisses along his legs and around the base of his dick. Then I pulled his body forward so that he could more easily push into my mouth. My tongue moved in sensual waves down the underside of his shaft, him trembling and me humming in delight that I had such an effect on him.

My lips slid along his silky, delicious skin until I’d taken in all of him, right down to the base. I swallowed, he gasped; I applied suction, and he screamed my name. I let him pull my hair. He let me grip his hips so that I could more easily slide up and down the shaft. After only a couple minutes of that, he managed to break free of my suction and pull away. I looked up to see him trying to catch his breath.

“It’s okay, sweet prince,” I reassured him. “You don’t have to try to force your orgasm away.”

“It feels so good,” he murmured, his voice shaking. “You… you know exactly what you’re doing.”

I nodded, then nuzzled my cheek between his thigh and his belly. “When I do something, I intend to do it well. I want you to be happy, Little Moon.”

“Y-yeah…” He took a few more breaths. “You’re amazing at that.”

His words had me grinning from ear to ear. I kissed his belly and gave it a few playful licks, and eventually took his dick back into my hand. I pulled the foreskin back just enough so that I could run the tip of my tongue through his dripping slit. The playful, feathery movement of my tongue had him crying out, and I was rewarded with more droplets of precum. Once I swallowed them, I took his hips and guided them forward, urging him to push himself deeper into my mouth.

“Oh, wow,” he gasped.

I slid back just a little, then grasped his thighs to make him slide fully inside again. We made a game of my pulling away and him pushing deeper in. It was slow and clumsy for him at first, but I let him take his time, and soon enough he’d worked up an even rhythm at a slow pace. I moved my tongue around him in undulating waves, and sometimes applied suction when I wanted to see him jerk and gasp. My hands moved to massage his backside.

After a while, one of his hands left my head, and I looked up to find him playing with his own nipples. I grinned around the mouthful he’d given me and moved one of my own hands to rake my fingernails up his belly to join in on that. He moaned louder and gave me an excited thrust. I responded by sucking harder on his dick.

“Shi– Ba–” he gasped. “Blackthorne, fuuuuu– Oooohh, Blackthorne, you’re getting me closer!”

Justin’s excitement thrilled me. I pushed my lips closer into the soft flesh around the base of his dick, wanting to have more of him in my mouth. My hands scraped down his shoulders as I let him completely take over the thrusting, then down his sides. He was breathing hard, and could barely even get my name out between breaths.

My fingernails dragged all the way down to his thighs, where I switched to massaging. He was still so thin, but he wasn’t letting that stop him from finding pleasure where he could. My mind sent me images of him– months, maybe years from then– filled out and stronger because of my care. I was going to do that for him; I was going to make him healthy and happy. I was going to give him everything he could ever want, and somehow the thought of him bigger and stronger excited me, and I felt my erection twitch and strain to be released.

I wasn’t known for cumming in my pants, or just from words or thoughts, but with Justin, everything was different. He opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. He was precious and loving, and pleasing him made me forget, just a little, about the shadows that I needed to protect him from.

I pulled my mind back on track before it managed to wander too far. Justin was leaking more and more precum, and it was getting thicker. I slid a hand between his legs to caress the delicate skin that held his balls. They were thick and full, but also getting tighter, preparing for release.

“My prince,” I gasped as I released his dick from my mouth.

“Blackthorne,” he whined, “I’m cold now.”

“I know, baby, just give me a moment. You’re getting close to cumming; don’t hold back, okay? You need this.”

Justin smiled down at me and nodded. “I love you, Blackthorne.”

“I love you, too, Little Moon. Now, back to making out with this delicious dick!”

He slid back into my mouth, and I got to work making sure my lips and tongue gave him everything he could want. I sucked and hummed hungrily. I squeezed his soft backside and massaged his balls, and I let him thrust in and out however he pleased. His dick was as hard and hot as newly-forged steel, and the louder he cried, the more he leaked precum and musk.

“Ye– Oh, Blackthorne–” He could barely speak– could hardly even breathe. “I– Blackthorne, I’m–”

I looked up at him. “Give it to me,” I mumbled as best I could with him still in my mouth. Then I wrapped one arm around the small of his back, the other around his thighs, and held on firmly to keep him close to me.

His cum splashed into my mouth in thick, hot gushes as his body jerk and spasmed. I pressed my face into his skin and breathed through my nose, listening to his screams and loving the way my name sounded like the most glorious thing to ever come from his lips. His orgasm rocked his body for ages– ages that he needed, that he deserved, and that I loved to grant him. I swallowed every drop he gave me, and eagerly sucked on his shaft to get more.

“Ba…” he gasped, just about falling over me like a wilting flower. “Blackthorne…”

I slowly slid him out of my mouth; he was already soft, completely spent. “You don’t have to talk, my prince,” I whispered.

He was still breathing hard when I grasped his thin body and lifted him over to one side and laid him tenderly beside me. I rolled onto my side and tucked him close against me, then pulled the picnic blanket up over him to keep him warm until he was ready to get dressed. He laid his face limply against my chest.

“Bla… thor…” he breathed, hardly even audible.

“Hush, Little Moon. You need to rest. I’ll watch over you.”

Justin fell asleep to me caressing his back and humming a song. He was so peaceful and still; I could tell that he’d expended everything he had with that orgasm. I let my mind wander as I held him, content to lie on that hill and enjoy the breeze all afternoon.

About Legends of Lorata

Eleanor Willow is the author of the high fantasy series Legends of Lorata, which takes place on a medieval-style world filled with elves, dragons, and faeries. There is also a fourth race, one that is rare and magical: the angelic Starr. Lorata is a distant planet watched over by four deities: good, evil, elemental, and celestial-- and there are plenty of legends about them all! One of the most important ones is the prophecy of Jenh's champion, Loracaz, who is promised to return to the realm whenever evil threatens to take hold. There are currently three books completed, and the first one can be read online. Book four is currently being written, and a fifth will most likely be in the future.
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