My Gothic Boyfriend XV

This chapter is NSFW for adult situations.

He went back to kissing me. His fingers ran over my chest, scratching lightly and then pinching my nipples. My moans encouraged him to play with them more, and he scooted down a little so that he could lick them. I slipped my fingers into his hair as he made me moan louder, and after a while, he was kissing and licking his way further down.

“Mmm… That’s wonderful, Little Moon,” I murmured. He kissed and nibbled around my belly button as he shifted to straddle just one of my muscular legs. His hips rocked, then pressed closer to me. “Oh wow… Is that… Justin…”

He looked up at me, blushing again. “Am I doing okay?”

“Y-yeah…” I groaned. “I just noticed… you’re really hard.”

He nodded, suddenly very bashful.

I grinned at him. “That’s fantastic! Your health is improving so much, Little Moon. Just a few weeks ago, you were worried about it not working.”

“Yeah…” he whispered. He shifted a little to lie alongside me. “Ummmm… I’ve been able to get hard for a couple weeks now. Well, maybe a little longer than that, but it wasn’t reliable.”

I grinned and held him close. “I’m so happy for you. How are you feeling? Light-headed?”

“No more than any other time,” he replied with a laugh. “I… Well, I usually get hard when I kiss you… and sometimes when we snuggle. I just didn’t tell you.”

“That’s okay, my prince,” I assured him. “Take your time.”

“I think…”


“Umm… well… I think maybe I’m ready for more… I mean, if you are. You don’t have to–”

I grabbed Justin and pulled him closer. We kissed, my arms tightly around him, my hands moving down his back to squeeze his backside. He gave a surprised moan, but pushed into that touch nonetheless. After a few minutes of that, I took his hand and laid it between my legs– gently, in case he didn’t want that and needed to pull away; I was ecstatic when he didn’t.

“Ooohh, my magnificent prince,” I moaned when I felt him stroke down the length and then cup and squeeze the softer area at the base. I was breathing hard, my heart was racing, and the temptation to unzip my pants and loosen the button so that he could slip his hand inside was intense.

“Wow,” Justin breathed as he went on stroking me. “You get a lot bigger when you’re hard.”

“Y… Oh, Little Moon, slow down– ah, easy, easy…” I grabbed his hand and slowed him down to a pace that wouldn’t have me finishing as soon as we’d started. “That’s better… just like that.”

“You’re a grower,” he noted with a laugh.

“Hmmm..? What– oh, I remember now.” I was still trying to catch my breath, but at least I didn’t feel ready to burst just yet. “Yeah, I guess I am.”

Justin was referring to the idea that some men appeared to be an average size when they weren’t aroused, but once they’d worked up a full erection, they had much more girth and length. We’d seen each other naked plenty of times growing up– changing clothes to go swimming, having a bath, and so on– but this was our first time being this intimate and talking about what had always been kept private before. Unaroused, I was as proportionate between my legs as I was everywhere else. Justin was, too, though he seemed a little surprised by how much I grew when all that blood rushed down there.

“I’m… umm… I’m not really like that,” he told me, suddenly very timid.

“Why are you so shy about that?”

“Well… because… umm… I don’t know if you’ll… umm… like it.”

“Oh Little Moon, I can’t imagine not liking any part of you. Can I see it? I’ll let you know exactly how beautiful it is, and how happy I am that it’s healthier now.”

Justin blushed and hid his face in my chest.

“Well, you don’t have to,” I went on, “but when you rubbed against me, it felt like you had a metal bar in your pants. Which is it– gold? Silver? Copper? If it’s a lot of copper, you can exchange it for money and get that outfit you’ve been wanting.”

“No, it’s not copper!” he laughed.

“Okay then.” I kissed him again, squeezing his backside until he rubbed against my leg and moaned. “You could take it out and let me check on it.”

“Oh my–!” he gasped, flushing redder.

“Only of you want to,” I reminded him.

“You don’t want a metal ingot,” he pointed out in a teasing tone. “You just want to play with my hard-on!”

“Well, It’s probably very beautiful,” I teased back. “If I treat it just right, I might just get some white gold out of it.”

Justin laughed and hid his face again.

“You’re so adorable,” I told him. “You have way more sexual experience than I do, but you get so shy when you’re just starting off with someone.”

He laughed again, then slid up to give me more kisses. I massaged his hips and backside until he could hardly do more than gasp and moan. That was when I unbuttoned his pants and slowly opened the zipper so that I could get my hand in. His erection was already straining against his boxer-briefs.

“You’re already leaking,” I pointed out when I noticed a small wet spot.

“Uh-huh…” he whimpered, trying to nod. “Oh god, be careful, or I’m gonna–” He gasped and grabbed my hand to hold it still.

“You’re so sensitive.”

“Yeah…” He took a moment to catch his breath. “I’ve only cum once since I started getting better… I don’t want… umm… I didn’t wanna use too much of my nutrients for it.”

I kissed his forehead then. “You’re cute. It probably wouldn’t use too much, but it’s still good that you’re so focused on taking care of yourself. Now I want to talk about this ‘god’ nonsense.”

Justin chuckled. “I can’t help it; you make me feel so amazing. Just think of it as me calling you a god.”

“Oh, you want me to be your god? You’re going to get into trouble with talk like that.”

“What? How?”

“Well, mostly because if I’m a god, I want to hear my name from the lips of those who love me.”

That had him blushing and acting timid again. I smirked and sat up, then positioned him on his back on the blanket; now it was my turn to kneel over him. He smiled up at me and pulled me down for more kisses, my hand slipped up his T-shirt, past the ridges of his ribs all the way to one of his nipples. He hissed when I pinched it, but soon relaxed under my touch. After a while, I pushed the shirt up and sucked on each of them.

“Oh god!” He cried, and I lifted my head immediately.

“What did I tell you, my dear prince?” I asked, making my voice low and warning, but still affectionate.

“I can’t–” he gasped.

“You can,” I insisted. “Use my name, beloved. Focus on doing so until it’s as natural to you as breathing.” Then I licked and suckled a nipple to test it out.

“Blackthorne!” he cried as his back arched.

“That’s better. Now, again…” I kissed up to the base of his neck, where I licked and nibbled just as he had on me.

“Oh– oh wow– oh g– Blackthorne, that feels so good!”

“Imagine, Little Moon, that hearing you cry my name like that gives me just as much pleasure.”

“Blackthorne,” he gasped, already breathless.

I gave each nipple a kiss as a reward before slipping his shirt up over his head and tossing it in the direction mine had gone. “So beautiful,” I whispered as I leaned down to kiss him again. I massaged his arms and shoulders, watching him smile contentedly. “I want to give you so many things for your birthday, Little Moon. I want you to feel wonderful–”

“I do,” he murmured.

“And happy,” I added.

“I am,” he whispered, “because of you.”

“That’s what I like to hear,” I said. I laid kisses down his belly, rewarding him saying my name with licks and nibbles, until I got to his hips. No matter how much I wanted to see him put more weight on, to not be just a few pounds shy of skeletal, I loved all of him, and I wanted to kiss every inch of his body.

Justin’s voice trembled as he said my name again. “Blackthorne…”

I gripped the sides of his faded black jeans and pulled them half-way down his thighs. He gasped, but soon calmed down as I massaged his legs. “Are you cold, beloved prince?” I asked as I laid more kisses on his skin.

“N-no…” he breathed. “Mmmmm… Bla– Blabkthorne, I’m… I’ll…”

“Just relax, Little Moon,” I assured him. “I’ll be gentle with you.” Then I buried my face between his legs and breathed deeply. “You smell so good.”

“What…? It’s probably your cologne.”

I gave him a wolfish grin. “I like that you smell like me. And I like the musk I get from you when I touch you.”

I let my cheeks brush along his erection and the soft pouch at the base of it. He was quaking in pleasure, and I had to grab his hips to keep him from squirming away. His voice became tighter as he cried my name.

“Don’t deny yourself the pleasure I can give you,” I told him, my voice low as my lips drifted over his length, still covered by his boxer-briefs. His belly rose and fell as he took in rapid breaths.

“Ooohh… Blackthorne, if you’re not careful, you’re going to get it all over your face,” he gasped.

“Your scent? I would very much like that.”

“My– oh, g– Ooohhhhh, Blackthorne!”

I had just tugged down the waistband of his underpants and kissed the soft skin at the tip. Then I gave it a quick lick.

Blackthorne,” he whined.

“Do you need me to stop?” I asked, sitting up a little.

“What?” he croaked, looking down at me. “Um… if you want to…? You’re in charge.”

Au contraire, Little Moon. You are completely in charge. I would even add that I am at your mercy.”

“Huh? You’re going to make me say your name like that but then say I’m in charge?”

Did I make you, though?” I asked.

“You told me–”

“I told you what I like to hear, sweet prince, but i hope that you do not feel under duress to do so.”

Justin’s face was flushed.

“Any time you don’t like what I do, I can stop. Even if I seem to be… dominant, if you want me to stop, say so and I will. If it hurts– and you don’t want it to hurt– just tell me. If you want to take over, you can. If you want me to control it all… well, most of the time, I can oblige.” I winked at him, then slowly slid back up to meet his eyes. “You have equal say in what we do together.”

“Oh…” he breathed, staring up at me.

“So, Little Moon…” I whispered, “shall I pull your pants back up and bring you your shirt?”

“Please don’t,” he gasped, and suddenly he was clinging to my arms.

“Oh? What would you like me to do instead?”

“Kiss me,” he said.

“As you command,” I replied, right before my lips joined with his, and our tongues melted together, and we were breathing one another’s air. His fingernails ran down my back, and the moans he heard from me seemed to spur him to grip me even tighter

I rolled onto my back, pulling him over me. He squirmed out of his pants, straddled my waist, then went back to kissing me. My fingers massaged his back while his hands flowed through my hair, until he sat up and gave me a smirk.

“Hey, I’m not delicate,” he reminded me, still breathless. “You don’t have to be careful with me like I’m glass.”

“I have a responsibility to take care of you,” I murmured. “Don’t rush yourself.”

“I’m not rushing… I want to be with you, Blackthorne,” he insisted. “I lo– I can’t even explain how hard I’ve fallen in love with you.”

I gave him a devious grin. “Oh, I can tell how hard you are.” My hand slid between his legs to give his length a gentle caress.

Justin hissed, and his back arched. I could feel his erection twitching at my touch. “Oh– mmm, Blackthorne, you are going to have me finishing before we’ve even started,” he groaned.

“That’s okay, baby. You could use the release now so you can have even more fun later.”

“Later?” he gasped.

“If you want to, that is.”

“I want to! All the time. Even now. Whenever you need–”

“Okay,” I said, cupping his cheeks. “Little Moon, you are a treasure, and my goal is to make you happy. I’m not here just for my own pleasure.”

“But I want to make you cum,” he whispered.

That had me smiling from ear to ear. “Oh, I have no doubts about your ability to do that.” I gave him a quick kiss. “But it’s your birthday, and I want you to feel treasured.”

“Then don’t hold back,” he said, his tone almost commanding. “I want to feel your strength when you hold me. I want you to put all your passion into your touch. Unless… I mean… I’m not rushing you, am I?”

“No, dear prince,” I whispered, letting my fingers dig into his sides as they ran up and down them. “You’re perfect.”

He was practically purring under my touch, and as we went back to kissing, he moved sensually over me, his nipples brushing mine, his soft belly gliding over my muscles. His hardened length– still in his boxer-briefs– rubbed against mine, and I could feel my erection pulse harder, demanding to be let out, leaking precum in its eagerness. I loved they way he lit the fires within me, and I was intent on letting them serve to keep him warm for all his days.

After a few minutes, my hands slipped under the waistband of his underpants so that I could clutch the soft, round flesh of his backside. He moaned into our kisses as I squeezed those mounds, and he pressed his erection harder against mine. He was still so small in my hands, so fragile– despite his insistence otherwise. I would look after him, though; I would make sure he grew, that he became stronger, healthier, and then I would continue to please his body even when those mounds were thicker than my hands could hold.

About Legends of Lorata

Eleanor Willow is the author of the high fantasy series Legends of Lorata, which takes place on a medieval-style world filled with elves, dragons, and faeries. There is also a fourth race, one that is rare and magical: the angelic Starr. Lorata is a distant planet watched over by four deities: good, evil, elemental, and celestial-- and there are plenty of legends about them all! One of the most important ones is the prophecy of Jenh's champion, Loracaz, who is promised to return to the realm whenever evil threatens to take hold. There are currently three books completed, and the first one can be read online. Book four is currently being written, and a fifth will most likely be in the future.
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