The House of the Seventh Minuet CXXX

**Special note: This chapter is NSFW**

Frisian: It Hûs fan it Sânde Menuet

Steam was already filling the bathroom, and the doors were shut tight to help keep it all in. I guided Stefan into the shower, under the water, and let it pour down on him while I took off the undergarment and added it to the pile of clothes on the floor. then got it next to him and closed the shower door. Once he was thoroughly soaked, he turned around and let me get into the spray.

The steam and the vapors from the menthol crystals already seemed to be helping him feel better. Stefan’s coughing subsided, and I was able to spend more time kissing him and less time making sure he was going to be okay. Eventually, he became less nervous about touching me, and was grinning with absolute joy in between kisses.

“You’re really soft,” he said, and not for the first time.

Stefan thought the skin on my cheeks was soft, and my shoulders, and my belly, and my legs, and of course my breasts, and even my backside. Sometimes by ‘soft,’ he meant ‘plush, bouncy, and squishy,’ and other times he meant ‘smooth and silky.’ Stefan, meanwhile was completely the opposite of soft. he was long and muscular, and he could have picked me up as easily as a doll at any moment. I’d seen in shower scenes in movies what strong men could do, and I would have let Stefan do any number of things to me in that shower if we’d had any protection with us. as it was, they were only one or two things I could do to safely help him take a little of the edge off.

I’d been petting and stroking his erection ever since we’d gotten into the shower, though I didn’t manage to do it for very long each time, as he turned around to wash one of us with the soap, or kiss me, or something else that got my hand off of it. It must have been a long time since he’d gotten any relief, on top of the fact that it was me he was finally with, because every time I touched him, it seemed like the sensation was too much for him. Nevertheless, I had to get him to let me do it, because the tension was just going to get worse and worse if he didn’t let go.

I finally got him turned around, his back to the wall, and knelt down in front of him.

“I- it’s clean,” he said as I stroked it and pulled back the foreskin. Well, more like gasped while trying not to jerk away.

“I know,” I giggled placing one hand on his hip to steady him, “I washed it myself so I that cound do this.”

I kissed the tip of it, and he was already whimpering. “You d– oh gods! You don’t have to– ooooooooohhhhhh, wow… don’t have to…”

“I know, but I want to.”

He wanted me to do it, too, of course. He might try to claim that it was just his body reacting, but that was him being nervous after over a year of not being with anyone. Even my gentlest touch had him at full length, solid and eager for more. He gasped and stuttered as my hands caressed the length, and I smiled up at him.

“Stefan, don’t worry about a thing,” I assured him, massaging his hip. “It’s okay if it’s quick. You need to let me take the edge off. Now relax and let me take good care of you.”

“Leeeiiiilllaaaa…” he moaned low, resting his back against the wall of the shower. He was finally starting to give in to me.

I gave Stefan a smile to tell him that I was glad, then kissed around the base, letting my fingers play in the fine blonde hairs that curled around the shaft. He was clean, but I had him so excited that he still smelled musky. I kissed my way back to the tip, which was already leaking a slippery, clear fluid. Stefan yelped when I licked up the little droplets, and I looked back up at him.

“You missed this, didn’t you?” I asked him knowingly. hH gave a shuddering sort of nod, though it was a little hard to tell that it was a nod because he was trembling and nervous.

“But it– it’s so amazing that it’s you doing at this time,” he gasped, hardly able to speak. “I didn’t think…”

“Yeah,” I giggled, “I don’t think you can think right now, either. Just enjoy yourself, okay?”

Another jerky nod. “Yeah– yeah, anything– A-as you wish, Leila.”

I grinned; we both knew that reference, and I knew that he said it on purpose, that I’d appreciate it. As a reward for that, I closed my lips around the end of his shaft and enjoyed listening to him crying out in pleasure. I was going to have to get very used to him moaning my name– plus the names of the Nordic gods. It was worth it though, to get to be with him and know that I made him happy. He made me happy, too, and even if we couldn’t make love just yet, we could still make one another feel good, help break through that initial tension so that we could start to relax with one another.

I had to take Stefan’s wrist to let him know that he could put his fingers in my hair, or grasp the back of my head. I knew he wouldn’t be rough with me, but I wanted his hands on me, and I wanted to feel his reaction to what I did to him as much as listen to it. I loved the feel of his strong hands on my body, whether it was going to be the comfort of holding his hand, or the relief of a massage at the end of a rough day, or letting him explore my body the find ways to give me pleasure. I planned to let him do a lot of that until he had to go back to portland.

His fingers felt wonderful sliding between my curls as I pulled more of him into my mouth. I slid back up to the tip, licking up more of the salty precum, listening to him moaning as he relaxed into the pleasure instead of being so jumpy. I was relieved that he was finally getting to the point where his body insisted that he accept what I was doing and enjoy the moment. I took more of him in as I went back down, and my hands explored between his legs, which he spread eagerly when I guided him to do so.

I got several more shaky moans from him as I cupped his balls, which were huge and soft, full from not being emptied for quite a while. I didn’t doubt that he took matters into his own hands from time to time– a man needs relief sometimes– but I think being in Tierney Ríocht had made it hard for him to get an opportunity to do so. Judging by the way he was moaning and gripping my scalp (trying to be gentle, of course), dripping with more and more precum, it wouldn’t take long for me to empty them.

I worked on him for a little while, my lips and tongue moving across the shaft, swallowing the musky droplets, my hands caressing around the base and his balls. He was moaning my name, trying to resist thrusting more of himself into me, not wanting to choke me. I was grateful for his self-control, because he really was long. It wasn’t nearly as evident when he was relaxed, but once he got aroused, his length increased quite a lot.

Within just a few minutes, Stefan could hardly breathe. The way he moaned, he was obvious how good he was feeling, but there was also a neediness to the sounds he was making. He needed this more than anything, more than his resistance to seeing me kneeling before him, more than his desire to treat me like a queen. It felt good to be respected like that, and I liked how grateful he was that I was still willing to do this for him. He made it very clear how wonderful every move I made made him feel. The pleasure kept building and building within him, and he encouraged me to keep going.

“Oh– o-oh gods– oh, Leila!” he was rushing the words out now, as though if he didn’t have perfect timing, things would happen before he could warn me. “Le– Leila, I… Oooooooooohhhhhhh!”

“Don’t hold back,” I told him, and then got right back to work.

“Leila… It’s… almost… oh, g– Leila, you are a goddess!”

I grinned around the shaft and smiled up at him, then I applied more suction.

“Le– Lei…. Oh, Leila. I–“

His ability to speak left him, and all he could to was make desperate sounds of pleasure. He tried to pull away, but I held him firmly and pulled more of him in, sucking and wiggling my tongue and enjoying his screams. He glanced down at my one last time, and his eyes reflected a man completely stunned by the vision before him.

“Mmmmmmm…. Ooooohhh… Le– Leeeiiiilaaa, I– I– oh, I’m–“

His body stiffened as his muscles all tensed at once. He threw his head back. At first, he couldn’t make any sound, but then I got the first gush, and as I swallowed it down, he let out long, loud moans; moans that were practically screams. He was gripping my scalp, trying not to hurt me, but his body spasming was almost too much for him. Then there was another gush, and then more and more, so much that I could hardly keep up with swallowing it. My ears were filled with the sound of his declaration of utter ecstasy, of joy and pleasure and– finally– relief. I didn’t let up, but kept stroking and sucking in between swallows.

The outpour seemed to go on almost as long as I’d been working on him. He twitched and spasmed as the last few small gushes came out. I wanted everything I could get from him, wanted to help ease years of tension, even though part of me knew that it would take more than just this once to do that. I needed every time to be as good as it could be for him.

I could feel how weak and drained he was as he started to quiet down. I gave his softening shaft one more kiss, then rose up to meet him.

“Hands on my shoulders,” I told him as I slid up into his grasp. “Don’t start sinking now; I can’t pick you up, and tile is no good for a nap.”

“Gods, Leila, what you did to me he,” gasped once he started to catch his breath.

“It was magical?” I filled in for him when when he didn’t finish his sentence.

“More than that.”

I gazed up into his eyes and smiled. “You can look for the right adjective later. Right now, I’m just happy that it had the desired effect on you.”

“You mean sucking out my soul and making me your slave?”

I buried my face in his chest and laughed. “Stefan, you’re hilarious. Anyway, I don’t think your soul is white and sticky.”

His cheeks became a lot redder. “Leila, you– you swallowed it, didn’t you?”

“Does that surprise you?”

“Uummmmm…” He looked away nervously.

“That’s okay, I don’t need an answer.” I cupped his cheeks and brought him back to meet my gaze. “What I really want is to go back to kissing you.”

About Legends of Lorata

Eleanor Willow is the author of the high fantasy series Legends of Lorata, which takes place on a medieval-style world filled with elves, dragons, and faeries. There is also a fourth race, one that is rare and magical: the angelic Starr. Lorata is a distant planet watched over by four deities: good, evil, elemental, and celestial-- and there are plenty of legends about them all! One of the most important ones is the prophecy of Jenh's champion, Loracaz, who is promised to return to the realm whenever evil threatens to take hold. There are currently three books completed, and the first one can be read online. Book four is currently being written, and a fifth will most likely be in the future.
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